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  1. Looks really good now that I can see the motor I assume if I see oil in the intercooler the turbo is leaking?
  2. did you source your motor locally? If so from where? I'm also in the gta and are planning on purchasing an SR.
  3. Glad to see my old spoiler worked out for you!!! Looks good.
  4. Great thanks! I have read that FAQ, and will go by the info there. I just wasn’t sure if there were any steps specific for the MM coilover install not coverd in the FAQ. But I will seach Thanks Dayz
  5. First off I want to say how awsome this site is. I don’t know where me and my car would be without HybridZ. Thanks all you guys ROCK!!!! But I have to ask. I received my coilover kit from Modern motorsports last week, great stuff. And Ross was very informative and helpful with my spring selection and other goodies I got from him. But I forgot to ask for the instructions. I emailed Ross last week but got a reply he will be away for a few days. I would like to get them installed in the next few days to get my DD back on the road. If someone has a set of MM coilover instructions for a 280Z, they could email me (nosmokingexit@hotmail.com ) I would be in forever in their debt
  6. Thought I would share a drawing I did on the computer for a shirt design.
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