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  1. I sent him a PM... It came from Kegs and it is $177...
  2. I can't contribute much in the way of suspension design, but I love seeing people break the mold and think outside of the box... consider me subscribed. Andy
  3. I talked to him as well and I agree, the fit was great. I can't seem to find it though. JC Whitney's search function hasn't netted me anything. Andy
  4. Ok guys let me apologize, I don't get on here much and for whatever reason I was receiving notifications to post. Steve- Do you need the board only? The price for the Type 2 board is $240 plus $10 shipped. Here is some info in regards to the consult wiring: http://forums.nicoclub.com/this-is-how-to-wire-the-consult-cable-for-a-r32-rb20det-t314850.html There are some differences in regards to the install but they should work the same once Nistune is installed. The 88 ECUs typically are more desirable... I think the processors are a little faster and easier to mod when using later model MAFs. I apologize for my lack of knowledge but I have not done much research in the Z31 arena... I know what I know only because I sell Nistune and work on the ECUs. I honestly can't see any benifit to using the later model Z32 ECU... you would have a tough time working out the wiring. I see having to splice the L series harness with the Z32 harness. You would have better luck using a Z31 ECU with a Type 1 Nistune board, plus it would be less expensive. You could sell the Z32 ECU and use the money toward the Type 1 board purchase. I hope these replies help. Please let me know if I can help with anything else. Again, I apologize for the slow response. I will be on vacation from June 1 to June 9, so if I don't reply right away, you know why Andy AutoVaughn
  5. Sorry about your car.... that SUCKS! As far as using Nistune on your 74, I would highly recommend going with the later model ECU. The 86-87 are not bad either, but I prefer the 88-89... much easier to mod for Nistune and different MAF set-ups.
  6. If I understand what you are asking, then yes.... you will just need to load the stock parameters on the Nistune board and it will run a stock car. Not sure I understand your second question. Feel free to call or text me at 615-796-6234.... I can be hard to reach at times, but sometimes it is easier to answer questions over the phone. I do not get on Hybridz often enough. -Andy
  7. Great write up! There is a lot of information out there about sectioning, but some of it is vague at best. I am the person that sold you the threaded sleeves. Those sleeves are not made specifically for a Z or for any specific suspension. They are just 2" dia threaded sleeves. Also, the anodizing was removed by me, not worn off. I was not a big fan of the blue, so I stripped it off. As for the loose threaded collars, those particular collars use a set screw to lock it in place. From my understanding, they were always loose fitting. Once locked in place, they shouldn't move. Collars that fit too tight are a pain in the butt, especially when adjustment is needed. I hope you are not disappointed with your purchase. I did not hear back from you, so I assumed you were happy with the items. I purchased the items used, so I cannot say exactly have they should fit. I can say I would have used them without question, if I had not went a different route. Keep up the great posts. I look forward to watching your build. Thanks, Andy
  8. This is exactly what I was trying to say. That is a great article! I started this tread simply to show people the similarities of the EMUSA and Megan coilovers. I have not put either on a shock dyno, so beyond just visual inspection, I have no clue what is similar or different. But I do not know, neither are on the list of stated " Not crap" shocks. People focus to much on brand names and how much they are spending. Just because you are spending $2,000 on a set of coilovers, does not mean you are getting what you pay for. I would be willing to bet that those people who have spent $2,000 on a set of coilovers are not out talking about how crappy they are. No one wants to believe they just blew $2,000 on a set of crappy coilovers. You would be admitting you made a $2000 dollar mistake. Its not until you buy a set of $3000 coilovers, that you admit you bought a set of crappy coilovers. I would venture to say, almost any name brand coilover is gonna be better than the cheap, crappy EMUSA coilovers, but how much better? And how much are you willing to spend for this better coilover? In the case of using it on the Z cars, I look at it as a means to lower my car, for the purpose of looks and not performance. These coilovers, by all means, are not the best solution, but for the price, they work for me. -Andy
  9. For the price you can not beat this coilover. You will be hard pressed to find any difference between this coilover and any other cheap over seas coilover. I am not sure what you exact intent is, but unless you are racing, i.e. SCCA, Drifting, or ect, I seriously doubt you evening notice. From the research I have done, unless you are spending $2500 or more on coilovers, you are getting the same crap. I have installed the EMUSA coilsovers, Megan, Ksport, Apexi, Tein, KW, and several others. All of which felt like you were riding on coilovers. The question you need to ask is, do they hold up. I know of at least 15 people locally who run the EMUSA coilovers, and have done so for the past couple years. If you buy these, don't expect anything but a standard run of the mill coilover, becuse thats what they are. But if you are like me, on a budget and your car is never gonna see the track, then go with the EMUSA. Hell, track'em and see what happens. Report back here and tell use about our experience. Please elaborate on why you think the EMUSA coilovers suck. Please contribute to this tread instead of just throwing an opinion out there. I respect your opinion, but others and my self would like to know your experience and why it is negative.
  10. Hey are you still looking for an RB Oil pan? Feel free to pm, call, text, or email. 615.796.6234 Thanks, Andy
  11. If my memory severs me well, the Isis and Godspeed coilovers are very similar. I have installed both, at different times, on customers cars. I have never held them side by side for a comparison. From the looks of the pics, stance, Isis, and Godspeed look the same. They are prolly much like the Megan and EMUSA coilovers, in that they are interchangeable.
  12. Was your that your post from Z31performance or zilvia? Either way, great find. It should be a good contribution to the community. Thanks, -Andy
  13. I hope this is not a re-post, but I found this on Z31performance.com http://www.z31performance.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=25224&start=0&sid=9c099b88f305c3faf78fc61d67609974 Basically, this could be another low cost coilover option. 240zdan is making Stance adapters, which should theoretically mean you can use Isis coilovers with his adapters. I have an account with Isis, so I can get my hands on a set of coilovers easily.
  14. His user name is lalit0 Here is a link to his build: http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/85410-my-project-1972-240z-rb25det-power-steering/page__p__809620#entry809620
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