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  1. Matt, this guy is local to you. Maybe he can share where he got his or loan you his to measure.
  2. Matt, I have also looked for this kind of adapter in the past. I eventually went to a crank fire wheel setup. I have found pics of the CAS distributer on the internet but never a source to purchase. I have started seeing them now on Yahoo.jp. If I redo my setup it will be with this adapter and RB CAS. Go for it, I will buy one from you this summer when I return. Pic of my L3.1 distributorless system. [/img] Pic of my adapter for my FJ20 using a SR CAS.
  3. Did anybody pm you with one of these available?
  4. I am still holding out for a Christmas Miracle. I have a rear sump RB pan and pickup I would be willing to trade for the surge tank. I sold it thinking I would go modern and now I find myself wanting to go back to vintage setup. Anybody?
  5. Blitz, I have the desired RB rear sump oil pan and pickup. You will need to find an o-ring. I am in Oceanside if you would lke to come pick up. I do not see these come up for sale anymore. I know they use to be cheap. I got mine from Yahoo in Japan. I have $850 into mine. I prefered the stock nissan pan to the custom made aluminium pans. Factory baffeling and R&D from the manufacture were important to me. I have moved onto a LS project now and no longer need this pan/pickup. I will entertain an offer. The last one I saw sell on ebay was $1k. Of course cash talks.
  6. Bump.. Surely someone has seen it laying around in someone garage.
  7. Zentech, I am interested in your motor. Please send a text pic to 760-393-7454. Special attention to the valve cover.
  8. Here is my L3.1 .520 lift cam Kakimoto N42 head ITBs Kameari mechanical timing kit Crank fire ignition (distributorless) LD crank, L14 rods, 89mm pistons Trust metal headgasket Full ARPs BHJ single groove pulley WANTED: vintage HKS ITBs and SURGE tank. I miss them.
  9. Before you bash this thread too severely, I am looking to buy back my HKS Type 2 surge tank. I sold it to a fellow HYBRIDZer several years ago. I am now loosing sleep over this decision. I have not found on the internet a youtube video or google image of a car running the old setup. Here is a pic of the tank. I am hoping someone recognozes it. Please PM me or reply to the thread for any leads. I would like to put the box back into use.
  10. Parts found and purchased. Thanks HybridZ !!!
  11. I have a N42 head that has been ported and polished with a stock cam. I can load pics if you are interested....$150. It has been sitting for years. I found a head during my build process and never finished this one. It is complete. I am in San Diego area.
  12. Well, what do you want for your setup? Feel free to PM me.
  13. The only part I really want to purchase is the oil filter housing that attaches to the block. Hoses, fittings and the actual cooler I will build from EARL's components. I am located near San Diego if anyone is local. I am also willing to paypal and pay for shipping.
  14. I have a R180 open 4.11. I am in SoCal as well. Open to offer. Diff is in great shape. Clean fresh painted case. I just upgraded to a R200 LSD.
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