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  1. I used a Sony radio from a 98 Honda Civic. Fits easily, has a CD, clock, Aux pin input on the face. see pic attached. Pick your speakers according to expectation! Stock location at back side panels and under front seats.
  2. Is a 16 x 8" zero offset rim with a 225/50 x 16" tire a no problem fit on the 81 ZX
  3. My experence with an MSA header and wrap> don't. I burned one through in less than 2 years. They are made of a very thin metal. I fabricated a SS heat shield and have run a new MSA 6-2-1 for the last 13 yrs without issue. Ceramic coating would be an alternative.
  4. Used hatch lock with key.
  5. Have one in Ontario if you can't find closer.
  6. Warmed over 280 motor. Converting from an automatic to 5 spd so need flywheel as well Looking for flywheel around 14 to 15 lbs, steel or cast. Any suggestions? May end up lightening a stock flywheel.
  7. Anyone have experience comments on VR stage 1 (06032-06-038) or stage2 (06030-06-038) for 280 zx turbo http://www.ebay.com/itm/VR-Stage-2-Clutch-Kit-HD-Flywheel-81-83-Nissan-280ZX-Turbo-2-8L-6cyl-/400425551720?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr&hash=item5d3b390768
  8. Anyone have any words of wisdom? Daily driver needs a new clutch. readily available at NAPA
  9. Ditto on the holley red fuel pump (12-801) with a holley 0-4 psi regulator (12-804) and fuel pressure gauge. SU's are designed for 3.4 Psi or chance over pressuring the needle & seat. raw gas near the exhaust- not a good thing! recommend fuel filter inline before the pump so you don't have any issues down the road.
  10. I adjusted the BCDD by turning it clockwise (in) a bit, & test drove a few times after each adjustment. Much better now Thanks
  11. 77 280Z 4 spd Coming to an intersection, throttle off, the RPM is slow to idle down to normal (800 rpm) It's like the computer or something is telling it to wait 5 seconds or more before allowing the idle to drop to base. Is there a cure or what is the fix? thanks for any help.
  12. pull the ignition wire at the starter. Chain a front wheel to a back wheel.
  13. Ive used 2 different vehicles for long haul trips with my Z and trailer. Biggest factor: Is your trailer open or enclosed. How much wind drag? Mine is open flatbed,tandem axle with electric brakes on one axle. Tekonsha voyager works great and easy to wire in. I also use an equalizer hitch. 140kph steady as a rock. My 92 s10 Blazer 2WD with 4.3 auto works fine and gets about 20mpg average while hauling on a long run. The 94 Buick Roadmaster loaded with the family makes the ride like a living room couch and keeps everybody happy! Fuel economy is about the same while towing. It will g
  14. Looking to put a 4spd automatic on a 2.8 turbo. What options are there?
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