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  1. John had emailed me about getting this going again and I'm game to help or hand it off to someone else that wants to tackle it. I use a company that was local to me several years ago, but they have been shipping to me for the last several rounds. I'd like to see another run going to help support the site costs!
  2. Good luck with your sale from another guy in Puyallup!
  3. Rich hasn’t logged on since 2016, but I’ll cross my fingers for you...
  4. Thanks to everyone that purchased a piece of apparel in the fundraiser to help @SuperDan with operating costs for the site! We sold a total of 88 shirts with a resulting profit of $1202.19, which I just sent 100% of to Dan. It won't show as a donation because I sent it via friends and family to ensure every penny made it to him. This should cover the site's costs for about 6 months. Moving forward, I'll be doing an annual apparel sale with 100% being donated towards operating expenses. Each year we'll do a different promotional item since many of you now have several HybridZ shirts in your closet! Looking forward to hearing your ideas on what you'd like to see along with the shirts. Hats, beanies, keychains, stickers, etc all come to mind.
  5. Got the last of the backorders in and packaged up! They'll be in the mail tomorrow and should be in your hands by Wednesday Again, my apologies on the delays.
  6. I should be receiving the backorders on Sunday or Monday and will ship ASAP. Next round will have some vetting of their available inventory. I never expected such issues with the printer's supply chain! That's awesome to see a roadkill signed hoodie! I bet it was fun to see the car in person.
  7. Glad you guys like them! Thanks for sharing! It'll be good to have some updated pics for future rounds.
  8. Thanks Dan! I'm not quite ready to announce the final number yet, but hopefully we can cover operating expenses for more than 6 months with this.
  9. Thanks for the warm wishes guys. Everything has shipped unless I've contacted you separately about a backordered color! If I had a partial backorder I went ahead and shipped what I had already. Savage42, OldAndyAndTheSea, evildky, ss260, and 74_5.0L_Z all have things we're waiting on. If anyone knows DatsunDoug in person, can they remind him to log on and pay? I decided to order his items since he hadn't read his PM, but he hasn't logged on since then. I have an XL black T and a L asphalt T ready to ship if anyone wants them
  10. I guess I'm completely overthinking this! I only have 240Zs and haven't worked on the later chassis. That's exactly where I was considering running them, but was concerned about them being exposed to road debris. Thats the factory location for 280Zs? Thanks for sharing such excellent photos!
  11. I'm in the process of running -6 (3/8") Cunifer hardlines for a new feed and return and was intending to run them in the stock location, but that's going to involve dropping the transmission at a minimum. I'm working alone right now on jack stands, and have a chronically injured wrist, so dropping the trans really doesn't sound like fun. Has anyone ran fuel lines somewhere other than the non-stock location? I was considering running them next to the frame rails inside some side of conduit, maybe framing channel. The frame rail would still be the lowest point on the car would, but I'm concerned about road debris getting kicked up and damaging the lines, hence the conduit. Framing channel / Unistrut came to mind so that any moisture could drain out. Rain is the norm in the Pacific Northwest. My other thought was running them inside the cabin in a solid conduit, but I'm still concerned about shearing at the bulkheads in the event of a serious wreck. I know several OEMs run fuel lines inside the passenger compartment, but my gut is telling me that fuel inside isn't wise. I was browsing tech requirements from several different racing bodies as a guideline and the acceptability seems to be mixed. Jeromio did an excellent job running them inside of a new frame rail here: Any advice?
  12. Hey everyone, Just wanted to provide another update. I'm packing orders this weekend so they should go out early next week. Sorry for the delay! Life has been a little rough the past two weeks. Work sent me out of town, I got sick, and I had to put down my 13 y/o shepherd, so shipping everything got delayed. Looking forward to getting all of these into your hands ASAP.
  13. I have counted everything and organized it all by individual order, so most items will ship out next week! We had a few guys affected by backorders on colors, so I have sent separate messages to those individuals.
  14. I ended up selling it for $300+shipping on eBay.
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