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  1. Lol. Yes the older I get, the more my belly grows....and ear hairs:) But my Z does make people regret their mistake on a ride along. No OH-$#IT handles and original seat belt. Then I say, let's do a pass with the giggle gas:)
  2. Wow fantastic build. I am in Sugar Land and have a 72 sbc z on funny gas. If you get the beast up and running, I love company running through the national forest north of you. And yes, since I moved to TX, Vintage air/March pulley system was my greatest addition:) I just added the Speed hut gps speedo and their tach, and have been real happy with them. Mine, unfortunately, is garage built cruiser only. No car show awards for my work:)
  3. I daily drive my hybrid z in Houston heat. It does suck on has mileage compared to my evo, but I enjoy driving it. Plus it is nice to know I am driving something you don't see everyday. I have ac and do get to work cool and dry. She is a little leaky in hard rains but that is what my evo is for.
  4. Congrats on the father son build and welcome to this forum. As everyone said there is a wealth of info on this site. I built my 72, but went the fast and easy route. I ordered my zz4 crate motor and Hughes street strip 700r4. Now, I have tweaked the motor a bit and added laughing gas. But I have been on my stock r180 for the last 4 years. I have an r200 writing to go in but the 180 is still fighting. I daily my z and occasionally, once a month, take her to the strip on drag radials. She is a mid 11 second car in motor, but no clean passes on the laughing gas. Next up us suspension work. And beginning my daughter/father build on a 78 280 we found. Good luck and have fun with your dad.
  5. Sorry. I got real busy with work and kids. I have the gen4 mini. The electrical was not bad. The install link provided by bartman is informative. I do not have near as much wiring since I redid my electrical. Also if you can remove the dash, it is recommended. However, I was able to do bit without its removal. Just a Pita to fit brackets. Good luck with it. Then enjoy the coolness:)
  6. I did this 2 years ago. I went with a vintage air unit (I believe it was the gen 4 mini, I will look at it when I get home. Anyways, it is a tight fit and I had to make two brackets to secure it. But I am 2 years sweat free in TX heat.
  7. Sorry, I should of specified more clearly in my post. The March setup I am using allowed the ac to be mounted on either side. I chose to mount on passenger side just to keep all my large lines on one side.
  8. Hello, I have a the March Style setup on my 240z. I run the ac compressor on the pass side and alt on the driver side. Its a mid mount setup so it clears the hood with plenty of space. If you don't run the power steering, no tensioned is needed. Also chose to run on passenger side so I could run all my lines thru pass firewall. When I get home, I will post pics if ya want them.
  9. So I finished my new top end upgrade for my hybrid z. I know some of y'all believe this swap and upgrade is blasphemous, but its my blood, sweat and money so here it is. But for all the purist in the room, I am getting ready to start on my 78 280z project. A little history on top end upgrade. I had the car dynoed last year and I was not happy that the car choked itself at 5000. The motor passes were still strong 314/410ish, and the happy gas passes could of been better 425/625. So this will hopefully put my hybrid z where it needs to be. So here we go: Engine had a water pump leak, and balancer started to pull itself off, which is what started this earlier than expected: So here she is with the motor pulled. I realized even with the minimal amount of wiring, there were too many in the engine bay for my taste. Also, the main harness near my headers started to melt. So, out with the wiring and it was rebuilt and ran through the frame/fresh air ducting. So here is the custom ground cam from Bullet Racing. It was ground to my specs, for my now ported heads, and gasket matched ports (was a pain and timely/messy endevour). The grinding made a mess of my clean room/engine assembly room (with a bathroom ). Now there are the other supporting parts that were added to my stock heads, ie. ARP head studs, new beehive springs/retainers, push rods, lifters, and rockers. Specs to these are in my little black book. I did leave the cam card on pic to those somewhat curious to what this could possibly do. Oh, and if the car was not loud enough, I figured I would throw in a timing gear set. Also, a Single Plane intake was added. The light weight of the car and stall I have should not affect the low end that much. Hopefully enough to prevent me from lighting off my tires, but the top end should be singing now. Here is the powerplant all primed and ready to go back on. Still using my Demon Carb to feed this new monster. So here is a shot of the engine bay with no more wire harness. Only thing there is AC pressure switch, and wiring for new Temp Sensor, Oil Pressure sending unit, Nitrous wiring, and new wide band going in (WUUT? in a carb car). Well I plan on tuning this thing and monitoring the engine parameters closely. And here she is after break in, and initial tuning. It makes me appreciate the efficiency of fuel injection tuning. For example three 3rd gear pulls in my evo datalogged and tune takes me maybe 20 minutes tops. Its all in front of me and I can look at fuel trims, timing, closed loop and open loop running; and I can adjust my car without even opening my hood. This initial tune took me the greater part of the afternoon, and lots of burns (You would think that touching my radiator or valve covers would be self correcting). So there she is. I amazed me how much more air she is taking in now. I had to fatten up the jets quite a bit. So much so that I had to go in and plug/redrill air bleeders(now screw ins), restrictors, and change my power valve. It would of been so much easier and almost the same price to just fuel inject this car. But I had to remind myself that I built this car to thrash, and to remember my roots on building old muscle. It makes my dad laugh that I did this to my Z. He would rather have seen this motor in his Chevelle ;D Anyways, I will do a separate write up on my gauges. But they are ProSport Evo gauges in green. They work great for what I use them for, and the wide band has made tuning this car easier. Just cant go off the typical 14.7 and 12.4 afr tuning. This carb is a competition carb and was never meant to be economical without even more customizing of the metering blocks. Anyways here it is, cant wait to put her back on the dyno to see if my math and logic made a difference. At the very least, there is no mistaking that there is something really not right under the hood. The whole car rocks with the nice loping idle.
  10. I must be on that short list:) I commute 30 miles daily in my 350SBC 72s30. And it definitely is more fun in it than my 04 evo. It's weird, my track car is a 400hp grocery getter and my daily is a 450hp 2 door.
  11. Wow. Very impressive work and dedication. I just moved to Houston from MS. I have a 72 240z with a 350 sbc 700r4 hybrid. It is almost the same color as yours. It's was fun reading your build. Mine was very similar, and trying as yours. I, however, had to install ac once I moved here cuz the heat is ridiculous. I am now redoing valvetrain and cam. To make matters worse, I just purchased a 78 280z from your neck of the woods. And it is in running condition. It never ends.
  12. I agree with jt. I am running a 350sbc zz4 with a 670 demon Carb. My last dyno run shows my setup hitting a wall at 5100 rpm. Close to what I expected for a Jane plain crate motor. I had to run smaller jet sizes out the box cuz she was pig rich everywhere. But my Carb has been more than enough for my setup.
  13. The 240 spline count is different and slightly smaller diameter than the s30s. I found this out the hard way. I purchased both the NRG and MOMO. The NRG came in first and was the wrong model (for a 240 not the 240z) It almost looked like it would fit but after measuring with a calipher, it was too small. The MOMO was a perfect fit. But my setup is not for a quick release.
  14. I had these seats in my s30. when I originally built the car, it was only being driven a couple of miles around the beach and short cruises. It was horrible on my back. I chucked them after I drove them from MS to Houston, TX where I am now. I wound up finding some Honda Prelude seats and I now daily drive my z without any problems...other than the gasoline scent I have when I get to work.
  15. Lol. Should of read post carefully. Darn Ms education I guess. Deja, you are correct.
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