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  1. 9teen7t240z

    NEEDED tail light trim 280z

    Are you looking for just the chrome trim bezel or the tail light housing?
  2. Final Update: There is just a few days left to take advantage of this final promotion. If there are any others interested in participating, it is important that you place your order in time to have it shipped by Monday (Halloween). Sorting through old parts is always a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon:) Thanks again for all of your past support and to all of those who have placed orders for this final promotion. Mike
  3. Thanks , Nelsonian. Pm received and reply sent. I continue to have interest in acquiring quality cores that I can re-chrome for myself. For the most part, I am interested in picking up some sets of 260/280z tail light bezels, interior a/c fresh air vents, door escutcheons, and some emblems with full mounting pins intact. I am also always keen on trading my service for extra cores if that floats your boat. Feel free to contact me via messenger or email if you have cores to sell or trade. Mike
  4. After nearly 5 years of serving the Datsun community, Vintage Chrome will be terminating the service by the end of this year. There comes a time in most every entrepreneurial venture when you reach a point in which you have a tough decision to make......"get big or get out". Unfortunately, achieving significant growth at this stage of the venture would simply require a commitment of resources that I am not prepared to make at this stage of my life. So, I have decided that "getting out" is the best course of action for me and my family. I know that there are members of the club that would still like to have some plastic parts chrome plated, so I am announcing a final production run and club member discount. The Promotion will work as follows: 1. Orders will be accepted from today's date, October 15, 2016, through October 31, 2016. 2. Pricing for many of the more common Z and other Datsun parts are listed below, but we also have the capability to chrome plate any rigid plastic piece, even if it was not originally plated by Datsun . If you need this customized service, please email vintagechromellc@gmail.com for a specific quote. 3. The customer must ensure that parts to be chromed are disassembled to the point where only the pieces to be chromed are provided to us. No other preparation is required by the customer. All stripping and prep work will be completed by us. 4. Payment Policy: Payment via PayPal is due at time of order. Domestic (US) shipping and handling charges will be $9.95 per package. 5. INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Prices are the same as quoted here except non-US customers will be responsible for freight costs and applicable customs charges, if any. 6.Shipping Info: Your parts should be be shipped to the following address: M. Robbins - Vintage Chrome 7250 S. Durango Dr., Suite 130-164 Las Vegas, NV 89113 9. Please be sure to include with your packaged parts: Your name Return shipping address Email address Phone number Special instructions (even if previously communicated through PM or email). Examine your cores carefully before sending them to Vintage Chrome. Peeling or discolored chrome is OK, but parts must not be warped, have cracks, gouges or missing pieces in the substrate. We do not repair damaged plastic parts or re-paint parts after plating. Un-platable cores will be returned (if requested) or disposed of. Pricing for many common Z and other Datsun parts are listed below: Item Description 260/280z Tail Light Bezels (pair) $229.95 240/260/280Z Center Vents (each) $39.95 240/260/280z round a/c vents: (pair) $79.95 240/260/280Z Door Escutcheons (pair) $59.95 240Z Series I Hatch Grilles (pair) $59.95 260/280z hood vents (pair) $199.95 Plastic Wheel Center Caps (set of 4) $199.95 240/260/280Z Heater Control Panel (each) $129.95 240/260/280Z Door Pull Strap Finishers (pair) $49.95 240/260/280z emblems Email your needs for custom quote Please contact vintagechromellc@gmail.com for quotes on other parts or anything custom. Pictures of some past jobs will follow.
  5. Jim, Thanks for the kind words and compliments on the job. There is little that is more personally satisfying than to have a happy customer. While the year end special forum sale has ended, I do still have the taillight bezel promotion in effect on Ebay.......at least for another 7 hours (lol). After the promotion expires this afternoon, the bezels will return to their regular prices. So, if anyone wants to have one last go at this "never to be seen again" promotional price of $199.95 per set to re-chrome your taillight bezels, you've got nearly 7 hours left to "pull the trigger". The ebay link is: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SERVICE-CHROME-PLATING-Datsun-260Z-280Z-Tail-Light-Panel-Trim-Bezels-1974-1978-/291622744889?fits=Make%3ADatsun&hash=item43e611f339:g:hFQAAOSw9N1VsBex&vxp=mtr Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all:) Mike
  6. Final Reminder: This week, 11/23/15 through 12/2/15, will be the final shipping period for the current promotion, as well as the final chrome plating production run of this year. Anyone who may still be interested in participating is this special promotion should contact us soon and be prepared to ship your parts to us for arrival in Las Vegas by Wednesday, December 2. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Mike Vintage Chrome vintagechromellc@gmail.com
  7. UPDATE: The final shipment for this promotion will be made on Friday, December 4th. This will also be the final shipment of the year. So, anyone who still wants to participate in this sale must have their parts to the Las Vegas office NO LATER than Tuesday, December 1st. If you are planning to have anything chrome plated during the promotion, please contact me via PM or email to the address below: vintagechromellc@gmail.com For those of you who participated in the last shipment, we expect to have your parts completed and ready for return shipment by the end of next week. Thanks again for your support. Mike
  8. 9teen7t240z

    Need help identifying Datsun emblem

    Plata, Thanks for the brochure pic. Brings back memories of better times and better cars.(IMHO). Unfortunately, I don't see any hood emblems on that line-up. This emblem could possibly be an old grille emblem from the B210 (judging by the pics), but not enough definition or clarity to determine conclusively. As for the other recommendation, I already tried it here (sshhhh.......let's keep that under your hat). May have to try someplace like ratsun. Thanks anyway for the reply. Mike
  9. 9teen7t240z

    Need help identifying Datsun emblem

    Hmmmm......seems like nobody else recognizes this emblem either. At least now I don't feel so ignert......ignrant....ig......uh, dumb:)
  10. While this not a "Z" emblem, I am hoping that someone here can help identify which years and models that this emblem was used on. Have searched google, ebay, etc. trying to figure this out, to no avail. Anyone??? Thanks for your help. Mike P.S. the emblem measures approx. 3 inches tall by 1 1/2 inches wide, and has two mounting posts on the rear, leading me to believe that it probably is either a hood emblem, a trunk emblem, or a c-pillar emblem. Any thoughts?
  11. Thanks to all who participated in the last order. The next scheduled shipment will be on Saturday, Nov. 14th. In order to make that deadline, any parts that you wish to send will need to arrive at the Las Vegas address no later than Thursday, Nov. 12th. Let me know if you will want to have your parts included in that shipment. Also, we have recently begun gold plating as well. Am attaching a few pics of a set of Datsun 280zx turbo "gold" emblems that we just completed. Unlike the original Datsun emblems, these have actually been layered in 24k gold plate.....not painted. Naturally, we can do this with most any other Datsun part for a more custom look. Mike
  12. Wanted to provide an update for those of you that are still planning to take advantage of this sale. My next scheduled outbound shipment will be on November 2nd. There will likely be one more in mid December prior to the end of this promotion. For anyone who wants to make the November 2 shipment, your parts will need to arrive here in Las Vegas no later than Saturday, October 31st. Hopefully, this will help you plan your parts removal/collection and shipping timelines. Thanks again, Mike Vintage Chrome
  13. Yes, Jim, received them on Friday. Great packaging, by the way. I know you'll love your re-chromed taillight bezels. Thanks again. Mike
  14. Thanks much for the compliment, 260DET. As you undoubtedly noticed, I did include a few pics of non Z projects as well, including parts from a 1969 Mustang Mach 1, 1968 AMX, 1965 Mercury Comet to name a few. As mentioned earlier in this thread, our sale prices are good for any rides that the members may have......not just the Z's. Mike