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  1. Do you still have them trans? Open to any trades for parts or just cool Datsun stuff? I'm in San Juan cap. Area my names Andy my cell is 949-939-8313 thanks
  2. my 280z http://westky.craigslist.org/cto/3894601139.html
  3. my 280z http://westky.craigslist.org/cto/3894601139.html
  4. you still need roof?
  5. Christine, you couldnt have asked when we still lived in illinois? you thought we lived far before call Dave and we can figure something out we go back monthly
  6. I have one in primer, used to be blue, no motor, trans, gas tank, most of the interior is there...nearly rustfree, has a quarter size spot on the rear passenger side wheel lip and a couple small bubbles on the same panel under where the rear bumper cover attached...thats about it...$2500 firm for the chasis... andykyrk@yahoo.com if interested...
  7. i have a nearly rustfree 1978 Datsun 280z coupe project car, has the title, car is gutted, has the dash still in it, can piece together everything needed to make it a whole car. Selling it rolling on factory alloys with the dash, glass, no motor, has the autotrans in it but can include a clutch pedal box, we can discuss other details if you are interested...need $3000 for the car the way it is... andykyrk@yahoo.com
  8. have one as well...$100 plus $25 shipping and paypal fees email me at andykyrk@yahoo.com
  9. I have one cut off of a 77-78 280z 2 seater coupe, It can be brought down this coming weekend to Paducah, KY(140 miles from you) send me an email at andykyrk at yahoo.com so we can make arrangements...
  10. The a/c cant be used in current position due to steering,I was thinking of having a mount made like for a super charger which goes above where the a/c originally was. How did you go about figuring how much you needed to cut out of crossmember you seem to be the only person ive come across using the mckinney kit, would you have any measurements to help out pre install of mckinney cross member? and how much to cut out.
  11. I was curious if any one has used the Mckinney s30/vq swap kit I am getting ready to install one next week once car gets back from body shop, also curious as to where you reinforced tha frame? I need some ideas, I do have some v8 swap full length rails I was going to install? Thanks, love all the other great ideas on all the builds I will start page soon
  12. there are some strut tubes less the stub axles on ebay listed yester day for 38 a piece i think it was gl
  13. Hi All, have great deal on gt2 z and am selling some of the private stash of parts, I was hoping to get a value on this BRE oil plate thanks for any help!!!
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