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  1. Great news! That happens, trust me I know.
  2. Sweet look forward to seeing it!
  3. I'm considering this as well so any information you have on your installation and how well it works would be helpful and appreciated. Christine
  4. Enjoyed your updates so far Takashi! Can't wait to see more progress on this z Christine
  5. 225s would work better without flares on that setup, a little bit of camber and he'd be all good
  6. Hi Pallnet, I'm once again in the market for another one of your fuel rails. I'll send you an email as well. 14mm o ring type with gauge (or just gauge port) Thanks! Christine
  7. Yep I was thinking the same but I didn't see how I would need to shim the towers any more than I had already, and I was already at the thinnest lash pads but my wipe pattern was falling off the rocker pad on the valve side. So I knew I was doing something wrong. I wish I measured those valves before I put them in lol. I'm sure the correct valves are going to put things in alignment, I will most likely need new lash pads (probably a tad bit thicker after this) but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Thanks again guys!
  8. That was it Xnke Thank you for your help! 2mm taller valves caused my issue. Now I need to source the p90 valves. Anyone need to buy stainless n42/n47 valves?
  9. I made an assumption and believed (but didn't measure) they are the p90 but I will have to verify this since this very well may be causing the discrepancy.
  10. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if they have any suggestions on how to correct it.
  11. It is a p90, not a p90a. I measured the head height and it's currently at 4.2315 or 107.5mm but the problem is that I can't find the definitive stock untouched p90 height spec. I've read 4.25 was the stock height, if that's the case it should be well within acceptable boundaries. Yes the shaved head must be taken into account, but the shims should have made it close to where it should be.
  12. Hi all, I'm hoping someone out there (with more experience than I have) can help me out. The wipe pattern on my rocker arms is at the very edge of the valve side - meaning there's no wipe edge visible on the valve side of the pad. The head was warped a total of .007" so somewhere around the area of 14-16 thousandths of an inch (or .014 - .016 inches) was removed (7-8 thousandths from the top and 7-8 thousandths from the bottom of the head. Cam tower shims are .015" I have a competition (3 angle) valve job done, have stock l28et rocker arms and lash pads. My cam specs
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