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  1. Mind hitting me with the model # on the magnaflow. I am getting mixed signals on what will work. Some say 18" is to big you need a 14" some say 16"...yadda yadda
  2. I apologize if there are millions of posts about exhaust, but if I could get some real quick opinions that would be great. I am running a built L28ET in my 78 280z and it currently has a straight 3" pipe all the way out. It has become or I have become to old for the noise level. I am looking for opinions on free flow mufflers and if I should get a resonator also. I just want to quiet her down a bit, but I do not want her to sound like a little biotch...Any help would be appreciated. I am looking at the Borla XR-1, but again I would like to know if a resonator is a good idea, especially wit
  3. New here thought I would show her off. 1978 280z Resto-Mod...Built 82 L28ET 40 over deep dish pistons with forged internals.
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