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  1. Oh really? When did that start? I've been off of this site (and apparently out of the loop) for a couple of years now. Like yearly donations? Or just whatever you've got when you've got it kind of thing?
  2. As the title states.... I've been a member here for a few years, granted I haven't been on in a while since I did not own a Z. Any mods have any idea why I can't start a for sale thread? Inactivity?
  3. Godspeed are not eBay intercoolers. Check out godspeedproject.com they work very well.
  4. If it is an RB20/DSM type BOV, take it of the car and crush the top of it to increase tension. If it still leaks go find another. Steve.
  5. I have a 79 located in pa if you're interested. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=140251
  6. At 400lbs my quote was $220 from sharon to minnesota. Try calling 8664114295.
  7. I need to know how much an l28et and trans weighs on a palette to get a real shipping quote. I put down I thought it was about 400lbs. Am I close? Thanks in advance. Steve.
  8. Thanks for the comments! I'm thinking about the v8 swap. As of right now I'm just putting the stock 13b back in it, just to beat around on. The gtu as far as I know has a better motor than a regular rx7, and is the best motor to turbo. It's a 6 port motor, making it breathe better. This is a video of aaron cake's car. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nE4_BEgrKrc. I hope I start making some good money again so I can afford to do the swap I choose! hahahaha!
  9. That's right folks! A 1990 RX7 GTU for $600!!! It needs a motor, so I drove to D.C. yesterday and pulled the motor at Belvoir Salvage. The car looks like no one has ever even sat in it aside from the small tear on the @$$ bolster on the drivers seat. Tell me what you think! (Aside from the whole RWD in the snow thing, I know in that sense it was kinda dumb.)
  10. I was just going to post this video. This 86 is amazing.
  11. I fit a pair of grey leather 85 300zx seats into my 79 no fabbing. Just took a little bit of finesse.... more like my buddy sitting on them, a prybar and a lot of patience. Pretty nice, eh?
  12. you need to be more clear on what info you want. what 944 engine are you talking about? to the best of my knowledge there has never been 3.0 944. the 3.0 twin cam motor was in the 968. the 3.0 also came turbocharged in germany iirc. also, what car do you want to put this in?
  13. I hope everyone on the gulf coast stays safe. I'm just glad I moved back from NOLA to Pennsylvania last year.
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