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  1. I was told by a life long mechanic friend when I rebuilt an engine in my z to drive up to the mountains and cost down as many long grades (in gear) as I could for a few days to fully seat the rings...
  2. If you get a z31 and have no idea when the timing belt was changed last, change it along with the cylinder head temp sensor... Interference engine... Also their is a federally mandated campaign for injectors if it hasn't been done yet.
  3. Between 500 -550 depending on what's installed like flywheel, exhaust manifold ect. When I pulled my 7m it was about 540 including the turbo...
  4. Well I have a bit of a history with z's, at 25 I've had six z31's, one s130, and one s30... It started with a light blue 84 I got from an old guy for cheap to fix and never did... I got distracted by a red 85 I snagged because it needed an ecu. When I threw a rod in the 85 I got a maroon 88 with really low miles and got rid of the others. I still have the 88 and completed a na2t at the 55k mile mark. Over the last few years I traded a Honda mc for an 86 to fix and sell, traded a Kawasaki mc for an 87 that I didn't keep either. And picked up an 89t that had a funky title so I parted it and ke
  5. Well I think I have the beginning formula, breaking it down degreasing & painting... Checking all bearing clearances and the cylinder bores. Picking up the appropriate size flat top pistons (planning itm) And Paired with a 275 duration / 480 lift cam (any ideas)? I will also smooth out the castings of the head and port match. Of course gaskets and bearings if needed. And rebuild the su's with a jet kit... About to check out what kind of jets work well. A decent 160-200 hp?
  6. Look I'm not trying to piss off the staff, actually I've seen forums where the admins are MIA, non existant or just couldn't give a $. And trying to research problems or rustle up help is enough to make one mad so I appreciate you guys. Actually one of the main reasons I got rid of my fc! I am here simply to find help / parts and contribute anyway I can, not to cause problems. The location thing after the few years of being here just really rubbed me the wrong way and actually caused me to break rules with my job... Also I didn't realize other languages would be a problem / cause the reactio
  7. Going back with the stock green. The wheels will do until I figure out exactly what I'm going to do with the suspension. I have seen snowflake wheels on late s130's that I might try to get ahold of? And on another note thanks for the suspended account admin! I really appreciate the roadblock in the research on hybridz. So was I suspended for NOT displaying where I live in the Profile I've had for years? Or for saying it was donky crap (in misspelled spanish) that I had to do it? Because my error was not plainly stated...
  8. N47 is open and I know the p90 is a good performer but I hate to rip the head off a perfectly good motor and from what I have come across the p90 will not give me as much compression... Plus I'm thinking of building the turbo motor later when the quest for more power continues... And as far as the warning for no location that's some burro mireda...
  9. So I finally got my hands on an early 74 260z. I've had several z31's and an s130 so I'm not new to the z game... I just have some things I need advice on. I received a solid rolling chassis, boxes of parts and one l28 na (n42 block and n47 head) that has an l26 intake and what looks to be earlier SU carbs. I also received an l28t (f54 block and p90 head) that's missing the turbo but not down pipe... I was told both were good engines turbo coming out of a wrecked car with right at 100k, and na being an l26 (incorrect) that was a fresher bottom end. So let me drop in a few pics to keep some
  10. http://www.xenonz31.com/computerpinout.html better one plus the plugs should be all you need...
  11. Is this any help? http://www.xenonzcar.com/z31/computerpinout.html There is another site that has more detail but I cant find it at the moment...
  12. Looks to be an auto... I couldn't do it, but its a nice example.
  13. Hey dude I'm in NC and I will sell my spare harness... I also have lots of spare parts such as a block and crank, eccs with injectors, flywheel and some other random stuff. funky300z@yahoo.com
  14. agreed! I need to shoot em an email and see if they make flares for other z's...
  15. I have a set of these on my 88 z31... I don't know if they will work on a 280 but the backs stick out past my fender like a 1/4 of an inch. It really gives the car a unique look, and I get compliments all of the time though. Most people think they are celica supra rims. And if your suspension has the shitty design like the z31 you will scrub the side walls a bit at wot from a stop. Spacers required...
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