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  1. I'm looking for one or two RIKEN mesh wheels...15X7....4X114 with a 0 offset for rear wheel drive...looking to get them nxt wk...I'm in so cal...depending where your located...can pick up within a 100 mile radius of Riverside!!!! P/M or email me raysbmw@gmail.com
  2. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/cto/1865789627.html 83 280 ZX Ray
  3. let me know if you want to see it
  4. I'm looking for a set of tan door panels...82-83 only...they must have a light @ the bottom...door panels need to be in great shape...also need tan low back seats...condition of seat does not matter, as long as the seat frame is nice & straight...seats can be another color also... I'm located in so cal & come and pick up the parts...also looking for a set of triple carbs...I'm getting rid of my fuel injection... Ray 909.964.4575...call/txt
  5. is chillin!!!

  6. wicked!!! do you have any spare perfomance parts laying around?
  7. I got the deal of the century!!! 83 280ZX,,,car sat for two years,,,had to replace a ton of parts, water pump, belts, etc...looooong list...but I drive it everyday...well...every other day,,,still drive the Z31
  8. those Z's are HOTT!!! WoW!!! how much power are you making with the white one?
  9. let me know what u guys have that your looking 2 get rid of....just bought a 83 280ZX N/A...header, fuel pump, anything 2 make her go fast!!!hit me up!!!
  10. would u happen to have a set of headers for a Z31? my manifold is jacked up & clapping like a church choir!!! I need to fix that asap....if not,,,,passenger side manifold???
  11. west-west ya'll!!!I just bought a 83 280ZX...looking for a set of 4 lug Epsilons for it...ASAP!!!HOLLA BACK!!!
  12. I just bought a 83 280ZX...has KYB's out back & stock shocks up front...after reading this thread...I'm cutting my springs instead of buying sum...thx guys!!!
  13. are the Z still available? are the epsilons for sale? I'm VERY interested in a set of the epps for my 83 @80ZX!!!
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