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  1. I'm looking for one or two RIKEN mesh wheels...15X7....4X114 with a 0 offset for rear wheel drive...looking to get them nxt wk...I'm in so cal...depending where your located...can pick up within a 100 mile radius of Riverside!!!! P/M or email me raysbmw@gmail.com
  2. 1badzx

    Looking for s30

    http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/cto/1865789627.html 83 280 ZX Ray
  3. 1badzx

    Looking for s30

    let me know if you want to see it
  4. are the carbs still available? I'm thinking about comverting from fuel injection to carbs...tghey should fit on a 280ZX?...right? Ray
  5. I'm looking for a set of tan door panels...82-83 only...they must have a light @ the bottom...door panels need to be in great shape...also need tan low back seats...condition of seat does not matter, as long as the seat frame is nice & straight...seats can be another color also... I'm located in so cal & come and pick up the parts...also looking for a set of triple carbs...I'm getting rid of my fuel injection... Ray 909.964.4575...call/txt
  6. is chillin!!!

  7. wicked!!! do you have any spare perfomance parts laying around?
  8. I got the deal of the century!!! 83 280ZX,,,car sat for two years,,,had to replace a ton of parts, water pump, belts, etc...looooong list...but I drive it everyday...well...every other day,,,still drive the Z31
  9. HOLY Shhhhh thats nice yo!!! I wanna do the same thing to my 88 Z31... is it ok to contact u for tech advice....
  10. those Z's are HOTT!!! WoW!!! how much power are you making with the white one?
  11. are the wheels still available?
  12. I NEED those door panels!!!what's the condition of the rear interior panel (covers the back side of the tailights)?how's the carpet? sunvisor? clips? hit me up!!!
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