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  1. The compressor is the cold side of the turbocharger.
  2. I read the same thing. Make sure it's body is soldered to the board but not to its solder holes. That could very well be it.
  3. Are you guys taking out the Crystal on the v3 board when you move up to the ms2 daughter board?
  4. How do you like the ka tranny compared to the stock one?
  5. Yes I did. On a Facebook group. It's a good way to find parts.
  6. Could you draw a simple picture of how to make this work with illuminas and camber plates? I dont quite understand how to keep the steering light. Should I use a different spring top with the different shocks? Thanks
  7. I guess I wasnt clear enough. My running dwell is 2.0ms. My cranking dwell is 4.0ms. Are you running 2.0ms for both?
  8. The z31 coil works great! My starting dwell is at 4.0ms. Is it ok to go a little longer?
  9. It is on the list. beleive that.
  10. I finally got my wideband welded in. I got everything wired up. I calibrated the sensor. I started the car. I was ecstatic. The gauge will not come off of full lean. The wideband controller was DOA. I'm less than happy. dont buy bpsx or apsx widebands guys
  11. I am running a 9.1-19.1 wideband. Its kind of hard to be smooth on a 8x8 table. I made some adjustments. I started out by leaning everythin by .5. The purpose behind that was ethanol afr offset. Im running on no ethanol now. I tried to space things out. I'm going to disable autotune around my idle. It has already been optimised with the map sensor. Keep in mind this is a starting table. AFR3.bmp
  12. I am about to hook up my o2 sensor and start autotuning. I know the lean cruise around 2300 is rich. I plan on tuning that to what the car will tolerate. car is 77 280z n42/n47 stock. tune is based on gavins tune. I've been told the upper right section is accurate and ideal. I have no idea what to do on the lower left except for my idle 13.2 and cruise2300@55mph in 5th gear. aft.bmp
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