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  1. The compressor is the cold side of the turbocharger.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/zconvention Register here http://zccazconvention.com/conventions/2015/ Its gonna be a good one.
  3. The ZCCA and Delta Z Club are pleased to help Z car enthusiasts commemorate the 45th Anniversary of the Z at next year's ZCON 2015 event in Memphis, TN. Next year marks the 28th Annual ZCCA International Z Car Convention - the longest running Z event in existence! Registration will go live just after the New Year's ball drops at midnight - mark your calendars to register for next year's convention - 1/1/15. Please share and spread the word! Visit www.zcon.org for more event schedule, hotel information and more relative to next year's event.
  4. There's one host hotel with a discounted rate and all info is available at http://zccazconvention.com/conventions/2015/ also more information will come out when registration goes live January 1st.
  5. There is a motel less than 5 minutes from the track.
  6. I'm actually in the hosting club. I am very excited, and we are very busy. Lol
  7. Hi All...pass the word, please! ZCON 2015 website has been launched and the host hotel for next year's "45th Anniversary of the Z" will be the Hilton Memphis! Join us next year - July 14-18, 2015!! The Delta Z Club is hosting this year's event. Memphis International Raceway has been reserved for a High-Performance Driving Event track day, an Autocross event and Drag-Racing event (only a 20 minute drive to motorsport activities next year!!). Additionally, the team is working on reserving Beale St. for a Z-only cruise-in event taking over the area! Group drives are in the works and a long list of special guests are being invited to join us for the celebration. Get your room reserved for next year's event using group code "ZCO712" - $109/night with wireless and free parking included. There will be plenty of "Z only" parking and room for trailers as well. Check out the website as we publish more information about the event schedule
  8. I read the same thing. Make sure it's body is soldered to the board but not to its solder holes. That could very well be it.
  9. Are you guys taking out the Crystal on the v3 board when you move up to the ms2 daughter board?
  10. How do you like the ka tranny compared to the stock one?
  11. Yes I did. On a Facebook group. It's a good way to find parts.
  12. Could you draw a simple picture of how to make this work with illuminas and camber plates? I dont quite understand how to keep the steering light. Should I use a different spring top with the different shocks? Thanks
  13. I guess I wasnt clear enough. My running dwell is 2.0ms. My cranking dwell is 4.0ms. Are you running 2.0ms for both?
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