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  1. "I have decided to part with all of my L Series parts starting with this..." email or PM me with what else you want to get rid of...
  2. I have an LD28 crank in the USA I am thinking of selling

    I also have N41 block and P90 head

    I have more but those I will ship to myself in EU

    1. DarrenM


      U selling the p90 head?

  3. How many do you have ? I might make an offer on all of them let me know. thanks - Michael
  4. mxs666


    http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/125591-1971-rb25det-track-car-project/ that may give you some better idea too
  5. Maybe pay up for a set on ebay and make sure the seller accepts returns and then scan a set and send them back. They must sell repros out of Taiwan because I see them on ebay every so often.
  6. bump. this will be the only bump. if no reply by by the end of this weekend, I will go with the 550 injectors ...
  7. Killer. Im a little tied up now, but I will text you this evening. Thanx - Michael
  8. Full set. Another long shot, but ...
  9. Stop laughing... I really need to find a usable tank. Refurbished, even better. I actually had a refurbished one... Guy sent it to me UPS. Never delivered... Simply disappears. UPS throws up their hands and says, "Sorry, F U..." I don't even think the "sorry" was sincere Thanks - Michael (located in Louisiana near New Orleans)
  10. little help... anyone !
  11. Hey Y'all, Looking for a used jet kit so I can set up my triple webers. I am pretty sure the kits for the DCOE 40s and 45s are the same. Obviously, the kit would most likely be missing the jets you used, but I figured it would probably be cheaper to replace the missing jets than have to by the new kits. Let me know if anyone has the kit for sale. Thanks and hope everyone has a great holiday next week. Love Cars, Love People... Peace, Michael
  12. I bought what was supposed to be a complete suede kit for my 91 300zx/tt and when it arrived the guy seems to have lost the finisher that goes between the glove-box and the passenger door. Posted an add on tt.net and a guy there said he had it and sent me one that was basically black not charcoal (dont think that was stock). Any help would be appreciated. The part is kind of rectangular shaped and about 8in long x 4in wide Thanks - Michael respond here or text me at 212.920.4310
  13. I ratted the guy to ebay, and I think they killed his auction. If that is true, they were pretty responsive, bc I only complained this morning and I think the ad was gone by evening. I just reported it as fraud.
  14. you may have seen this one, its not a 240 but you can just swap out the bumpers and who would know but you. Also, for the V8 swap, the 280 may even be a better candidate: http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=142312 I wasn't trying to be a jerk, i am just a natural. Peace and Happy Holidays to everyone.
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