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  1. krakerjak

    CA:240z Polished Carb Intake Mani's

    are these still available?
  2. krakerjak

    Body Shop Referral

    500-600 but for the whole bare chassis,
  3. krakerjak

    Body Shop Referral

    Chicago i know a great sandblasting place Ace Sandblast 4601 w Roscoe st Chicago IL 60634 773-777-6654 there doing mine and all the parts and for and place in Illinois in general they charge half if not less of what the other places do.
  4. krakerjak

    K-Jaks 280z rebuild in progress

    little over a year later, the car is finally in the shop to be sandblasted, took it to Ace sand blasting in Chicago, great guys to work with and definitely not a place that will break your wallet to get a WHOLE car sandblasted, i wish i took pictures of the 280 in a U Haul truck, will have pictures when the cars on its way back, Also got the engine coming in, can you say VQ37dett? i know everyone likes the old skyline motors, but i feel this 280 wants a little new gtr in it .
  5. krakerjak

    350Z Shifter Relocator Interest?

    do you have any left?
  6. krakerjak

    Has anyone used or seen this airdam used?

    im down for two!
  7. is there a package deal on all three?
  8. krakerjak

    Pics: 2008 Datsun 240z concept car

    ^^ i agree but its mainly because of the lights look very similar, for the project theres alot of work to be done, the whole top half of the car is different and the rear, talking about an expensive project
  9. krakerjak

    Pics: 2008 Datsun 240z concept car

    although the pictures look very similar, http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/coupes/112_0803_2009_dodge_viper_acr/photo_03.html my two favorite cars combined!!!!
  10. krakerjak

    Pics: 2008 Datsun 240z concept car

    mull we should just do it ourselves, I'm down if you are
  11. krakerjak

    280z stub axles wanted

    pm me if u still need any
  12. krakerjak

    K-Jaks 280z rebuild in progress

    alright well last night things got done, but unfotunetly it took alot longer then i hoped, ahh the peaceful work station houston we have lift off! getting it to this point was a real PITA but i gotta say when that things it up 5 feet in the air u really feel a sence of accomplishment out and gone thats how the night ended, now later today i have to strip out the other side and take all the parts to be stored away, so that will give me some extra work room, after that it's time to start sand blasting and cutting out the rust and the worst part isdeffiinetlythe floor boards and frame rails,surprisingly no where else really, and the battery tray is perfect!
  13. krakerjak

    K-Jaks 280z rebuild in progress

    Oh and a quick question, does anyone know it it would be safe to cut this box out for the speakers?
  14. Alright guys well i picked up a 280z about 2-3 weeks ago and currently im stipping it, here are some pics of the car wen i got it now the process it is in the engine is stripped and ready to be pulled out but im having problems with the transmission, both bolts to drain the fluid are striped and i can;t get to the last bolt on the drive shaft so hopefully that will get done today. Unfortunetly theres alot of things i wish i never saw, plenty of rust and weldin to do, well thats for later
  15. krakerjak

    my 280z