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  1. I am looking for bumpers in decent shape both front in rear. More than likely they will be refinished, nothing with excessive rust or dents
  2. rodizzle

    240z hood

    I am looking for a rust free 240z hood.
  3. Looking for a 240z Hood, good condition with no dents and rust, preferably black! In the Los Angeles Area.
  4. I am looking for a coilover setup for a 1973 240z. Looking for something that has been welded already.
  5. I am looking for an Arizona Z oil PAN
  6. I am looking for a clean non rusted oil pan for a 240z
  7. I had a chance to photograph Kevin Yeung’s extremely clean and well-executed 240z. I was an extremely excited to do this feature because I am working on a 240z of my own. Don't forget to checkout my facebook page www.facebook.com/rodneytyphotography On to the pictures: Kevin's 240z by rodknee_ty2003, on Flickr Kevin's 240z by rodknee_ty2003, on Flickr Kevin's 240z by rodknee_ty2003, on Flickr Kevin's 240z by rodknee_ty2003, on Flickr Kevin's 240z by rodknee_ty2003, on Flickr Kevin's 240z by rodknee_ty2003, on Flickr Kevin's 240z by rodknee_ty2003, on Flickr Full Feature: http://www.canibeat.com/2013/08/a-devil-in-the-streets-kevin-yeungs-mean-datsun-z/
  8. I'm not to crazy about the lime green either. In person it looks good, but It isn't my type of color.
  9. Yes sir. It's cracked along with a crack harmonic balancer. I needed more room to work.
  10. Day 1: Removed Intercooler Piping Removed Radiator Remove Harmonic Balancer
  11. Well here it is, my first build thread on this site. I am looking forward to see what comes out of it. Coming from a 350z, building a 240z is totally different. This is my first time working on a turbo car! I wanted to find a nice platform I can build upon. Here are Pictures: Mod List: ZX F54/p79 w/new Ishino head gasket installed, 160 psi across the board Dished turbo pistons T3/T4 turbo .63 /.60 IC piping in 2.5" and eBay intercooler BOV NA cam N42 non egr intake 440cc Supra injectors Pallnet fuel rail +1 extra 240sx throttle body w/spacer + 1 extra spacer ZX I/R alternator MegaSquirt 1 on 3.57 board 3 row aluminum radiator + 1 extra Electric slim fan + 1 extra 3.90 rear end 5 speed trans AEM wideband sensor & digital gauge All new urethane bushings except the diff mount and tc rods Rear strut tower brace Spindle pins replaced with aftermarket Fair interior (no holes, nothing conspicuously missing) 1 year old quickie spray Mopar 70's Sublime Green body (jams and interior remain yellow), flat black vented 280Z hood BRE spook airdam and MSA spoiler The Good: Body is pretty straight, and mostly free of rust I actually got it tuned and dyno (despite the oil leaks) - and made 214whp and 250 lb of torque @ 10PSI Megasquirt Wired Properly for the Most Part Not much Rust besides Battery Tray The Bad: Rust/Leak in Fuel Tank Front Timing Chain Cover Cracked (Oil Leak) Oil Return Line Leaking Harmonic Balancer Chipped Interior in Really Rough Condition Stock Tach not Wired Up Repair Made on the battery Tray stopped rust but was fixed poorly Minor Rust Holes on Floor Boards most patched up Poor Paint Job I've already started breaking down the vehicle to clean it up a bit.
  12. I am looking for a battery tray that has minimal rust. Surface rust is okay. I just bought a 240z and the original owner cut the original tray. I'd like to find an OEM one or an after market one to bolt it right in.
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