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  1. I bought this fender new from the Nissan/Datsun dealer in Dallas around 1985. I ended up repairing my old fender and never used this one. Today, this fender is rarer than hens teeth. If you are looking for a NOS gray right front fender, Part number 63100-N4700, here you go. As I understand it, all early Datsun fenders were painted gray and later they changed to black. Part number stamped at factory plus tape with part number still intact. I asked what might be a fair price in Price Check but apparently no one knows what it is worth or doesn't want to set the market. So how about I offer it at $850 or best offer. I called several Dealers and they said they haven't had S-30 fenders in years. High end repops that may or not fit and "rebuilt" fenders are being offered now and again when available for over $600. Shipping could run $400 or more, please do your research. I can take it to a UPS store to be packed and shipped at buyers expense. However, Wednesday, March 6, 2019, I am driving straight up I-35 thru Oklahoma City and Wichita to I-80 and west to Kearny, NE. If you live anywhere near that route, I can bring it your way. Look at the pictures closely, no dents, no issues, some minor shelf and box wear. Might be the only one in existence??? Where are you going to get another one?
  2. No, not at all, don't want to upset the apple cart. I'll make a donation and do a OBO behind price on fender in parts for sale forum. Thanks again!
  3. I accept that and thoroughly get your point. I just didn't want to put something up there that was way out there. Doing it your way makes lots more sense. Now to figure out how to post in the for sale parts forum. Thank you for the advice.
  4. Hello....Bueller.....Anyone????
  5. In 1985 I bought a new 70-78 right front fender from the Datsun/Nissan dealer in Dallas. I ended up not using it and has been stored in my shop for the last 35 years. This is the earlier gray fender, not the later black one. I am aware it is quite rare. Actually, I forgot about it until about a year ago. Used and cheap repops are going for around $200. Better quality repops and rebuilt original fenders are priced all the way up to and over $600 if you can find one. These have not been available for a number of years. Any qualified help on price would be deeply appreciated. I want to find this guy a new home. Look closely, no dents just some mild box/shelf wear.
  6. has not set their status

  7. Thanks Jim & Richard. Received seals today. Still looking..........
  8. Added a couple of things...Still looking
  9. I just wanted to thank you for such a great Thread. You just saved me hundreds of $$$s on Dash repair. I visited with Just Dashes several months back and they were talking nearly a grand for what you just did for $45.
  10. There's a guy on ebay selling the windshield weatherstrip for $100. It is stated as NOS and shows to have a Nissan part number. I think he is from Houston or Spring Texas. Also has a lot other NOS parts.
  11. Weatherstripping??? Small Rubber Trim??? Seals??? Sashes??? Anybody??? Anything???
  12. I am doing a full strip down to metal restoration and need to replace all the body rubber on my 280Z. Weatherstripping, seals, rubber gaskets, fuzzies, etc. Prefer Nissan but will consider all brands. Please contact me with anything you have new for a 78 280Z. I know where to buy it all but trying to save money and buy your leftovers & not needed stuff. txbeaux@etcable.net Stuff I now have; 1. Hatch Body Seal 2. Door Lock Pads 3. Windshield Weatherstrip Rubber Gasket 4. Windshield Wiper Pivot Boots 5. Frame to Glass 1/4 Window Seals 6. Frame to Body 1/4 Window Seals
  13. I need the Passenger's side toeboard (firewall) trim piece that holds the carpet in place for a 78 Z in Black. It has three screw holes.
  14. CA18DET - 173 hp KA24E - 140 hp KA24DE - 155 hp GA16DE - 115 hp Very interesting. Dual cams seem to be very popular. What about the cost for complete engines and what 5 speeds fit? Dallas is 45 minutes away and there are several companies selling JDM engines/transmissions. Don't know if they are complete or not, probably don't include electronics. Checking craigslist, all cheap complete cars seem to have bad motors. Where are they found....wrecking yard, pick & pull???
  15. I have owned Z cars for 28 years but never another type of Datsun/Nissan car or truck. Here's the deal. I had a barnfresh 1966 Datsun 411 Wagon kinda fall into my lap and I'm looking to put a more modern drivetrain in it. Does anyone know anything about what will fit and work the best? It has a J13 engine & 4 speed. I read elsewhere that the "L" series would be a good candiate. I'm a little interested in Megasquirt so even something newer might be of interest. Ofcourse I don't have a unlimited budget and am more interested in economy and the nostalgic aspect. Anyone???
  16. If it will work in a S30 I'm in, my wallet is still waiting for costs.
  17. Could you say, with everything else being equal, that a standalone system, properly tuned, would probably be more efficient (MPG) than a 4 barrel (ie. ArizonaZ) properly set up or is it just a coin toss?
  18. blue72...Interesting point here. "A tad over 25mpg with 3.9:1 gears." Here's another place to find fuel mileage, shorter gears in the rear end with some sacrifice of low end pep while still retaining a top end. IMHO, I would think that P & P would be a small bang for a big buck. This is something an expert like "Braap" might like to cue in on. Rumor has it, he has reworked a head or two. Headers, Exhaust & Carbs would probably do a lot more for a lot less $$$.
  19. I've read about the mega-squirt AND the 4 barrel conversion from Arizona Z but mostly people talked about performance & reliability as opposed to fuel mileage. I have been leaning toward the 4 barrel, getting the P90 head & the block reworked as per "BRAAP". The 4 barrel conversion makes things real simple and at my age, I don't know that I will want to rebuild this car again in 10 or 15 years, just enjoy it! What kind of mileage are people getting with the 4 barrel?
  20. I blew a head gasket some years back and had this turbo long block in the shop just waiting for something. I stuck it in for now and that was probably 4-5 years ago. I've never gotten over 22 mpg, even when the car was bone stock, had practically no miles and I was much younger. I'm sure it was the foot thing back then.
  21. I bought my 280z a long time ago and have made many changes over the years. Driver, Racer, Parking Lot Rallies, Old School, New School..on & on. Today the car has a stock 1983 turbo long block with original 78 stock EFI & some suspension work. It's about time for paint, minor rust & body work, along with mechanical update. I am interested in hearing opinions about 25 or 30 or more miles per gallon while still retaining a little pep. I know there's a bunch of you that have ideas about making the Z more pump friendly. It's about more than just your right foot!
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