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  1. Dennis, Great info on the Business aspect.But i own three skateboard companys and I'm only 17 so i had to learn all the business stuff quickly,My Fault is sourceing products.I brang the radiator idea up today and we thought about Steering wheels for imports,could be fun!
  2. Hi my fellow friends, I have had a idea of making radiators and intercoolers just for people locally first,I know multiple relatives with welders one of who makes roll cages for drifters mostly.My question is where can you find the parts needed and wholesale,and what about any other part how would you go about finding manufacturers? Thanks
  3. The big deal is the movie called Fast and the furious.It exploits cars I belive unintentionally and rather amateur'ish.But besides that it has a inline six and looks decent.I think they are legal to register after a large fee is paid.Thats what someone told me
  4. Cool project,i want to see a video when its complete! Don't want you to get off topic but How were experiences trying to drift your s30?(I suppose you at least tried once)
  5. Thanks I'll give it a shot
  6. Is there some way or cd that will let me erase everything off my computer and make it fast like it was brand new. Thanks
  7. I've never done a sr20 swap.You should search(Button) and also go to "nissan 4cyl engines".for the intercooler you probably going to have to get a custom,or atleast custom brackets.try Vildini,they have a site and i think the guy from there users name is sr240z.
  8. you will need a driveshaft,a real intercooler and piping,and a mechanic/someone to wire everything.
  9. Did you mean fine tuning with the ecu,or mechanically?
  10. oops its a mp5k,the ump looks similar. too many stupid people in the world for guns to exist.
  11. I Don't think that is a mp5,it looks like a UMP made by the same company. or maybe its a old tricked out mp5.
  12. PS:I searched before,I believe theres plenty of threads on GC coilovers. And I think GC has a good fan base ,but I heard on Zilvia people say they Suck.I never even seen GCC in real life.
  13. It seems like you could by springs and shocks and set it up correctly and it would ride as good as any coilovers,right?I wanted coilovers but then thought,how often am i gonna change the ride height,probably never... My .01 cent
  14. Yeah ^ thats they brand they were useing,Just check out the videos they are short and almost annoying but cool to see. syntectopshop.com
  15. Has anyone seen the castrol topshop contest? Long story short... Some shop building a sr20det redtop said they can build sr's to 11,000 redline he was insisting on cp pistons,high duration cams,solid lifters,ect.But for the bottom end besides cp pistons it was xbeam rods,sleeved,bored to 90 i believe. IDK if that helps at all.
  16. Seriously,I apologize for acting like you guys don't have anything better to do (specially Johnc)!I was just overwhelmed by the search type function it would bring,and possibly still bring.So I apologize and hopefully when the time comes it will be up and running,till then use the search function.
  17. janaka,Thanks for insulting me,Cool guy. Johnc,Please do not act like i have something to personally gain from this,I did not bring this idea up to win a bet,i brought it up so people like yourself can stop telling noobs to search all day everyday.So im doing all this for you!
  18. CARELESS,I haven't got a straight answer noone seems intrested but they all say wait.Wait for who,to do what? All due respect.
  19. See that^^^ Now it sounds like were moving in the right direction!Thank you Johnc
  20. ^ Everytime you see a knew person you send them a PM saying to search. I like the site,And don't see how this idea thats already on other vbulletins will be bad if not very good for Hybrid Z.
  21. kinda but lets say you wanna know about a "sr20 tb" you put it in and it shows peoples threads so people dont have to bitch and tell noobs to search,honestly though if they dont put it on here i hope noobs post questions like "Where does this bolt go?" and "is this a engine?" "Is this the hood,roof or trunk?" MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!
  22. ^^ No,I believe that people should list what type of engine they want and have to read its FAQ and important stickys.But The idea i posted is great i dont ever want to see a (person in charge) tell someone to search again!!!!Just put that damn thing so it shows what threads have the same name,I'll give you the name of the forum its a t shirt forum though. BUT MAKE HAPPEN!!!
  23. Alright I was on some other forum and i come upon some great thing they have going on...How many times does someone write "RB cost and what do i do with these wires?" (< So on this website when you go to start a new thread and you put in "RB driveshaft" it shows instantly all the threads that have those words in the title,And ironically enough i wasn't paying any attention and i wrote something then i look up at the screen and theres at least 5 threads on the questions i had. I thought i should share that and one day stop all the madness...
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