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  1. Ohh Wow, that's it!?! I was reading horror stories about having mounds of paper work and running around all over. Did you have to take it to the police station to get verified?
  2. Hello HybridZ, I was just wondering if anyone has experience with trying to get a pre-smog car back into the DMV system? I just recently lost all of my paperwork during a move but I can probably get another bill of sales. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Rimal
  3. If you're interested in taking a road trip to SoCal, I have a 1971 240z series 1 for sale. Check my signature.
  4. 17x8 +25 offset with a 25mm spacer on the top 215/40/17 16x9 +25 offset with a 25mm spacer on the bottom 205/50/16
  5. Also in need of a 240z Drive shaft, Radiator and SU Carbs. Please let me know your prices!
  6. Hello, Like the title says, I am looking for various 1971 240z BLACK Interior pieces. Here is a list. 1. Rear tail light panel with installation hardware. 2. Both 1/4 Window Panels with installation hardware. 3. Complete glove box door and installation hardware. I would prefer to pick up in Southern California but if you're willing to ship it, I'm willing to pay! I attached a picture for your reference. Thank you! Rimal Chand
  7. They both will be! This set is just for the test fitting(with 25mm Spacer/adapter) before i have them make a large quantity run.
  8. Well I sold my last 240z project but am in the hunt for another one so while I look I thought I'd still try to keep the GroupBuy for the BBS RS style. The manufacture who will be making the custom s30 0 offset size sent me samples of their 16x9(red) and 17x8 in a +25 offset. I will be buying 25mm spacer adapters for the test fitting to bring them both to a 0 offset. So I'm looking for 2 s30 and s130, one with coilovers and one with lowering springs in the west-side Southern California area. I want to first test hit them without tires and then another day with tires. I can drive to you and bring the wheels and jack or you're welcome to come-by my dads house! I will compensate you with beer and lunch along with some cool pictures!!! Please just PM, post or email me pics of your s30 at 240craZy@gmail.com Thanks, Rimal
  9. Those are nice, I'm working on a group buy with similar wheels but just not in that offset.
  10. Are you saying it barely touched prior to the coilovers?
  11. Damn Aamir! You go through engines like I go through... I don't know, can't think of anything clever! Are you done with your RB setup on your/my 240z
  12. I made this little comparison between 16" or 17" BBS RS Style wheels to help decide on the size for the special s30 production group buy. I'm starting to lean towards 17" after my crappy photoshoping. Gave it a little drop also. I used Sexual Sushi's 2+2 for the comparison since he took a perfect side shot with his 16' Minilites and with his 17" rota rbr. I tried to keep it to scale as close as possible and resize directly over his wheels. What do you guys think?
  13. Thinking about starting a group buy for BBS RS style rims. The link to the thread is in my signature.
  14. You've got to search buddy! They are on ebay but in a 15x7 with a +4 offset. http://www.ebay.com/itm/15X7-ROTA-SHAKOTAN-WHEELS-4X114-3-RIM-4MM-FITS-AE86-DATSUN-240-260-1970-1985-/330723041185?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4d00a11fa1&vxp=mtr They will fit but they will not be flush with the fenders. If you don't mind painting the centers black then your options open up in size and offset. If you're interested in BBS RS style rims, I might be starting a group buy for them in s30 offset. Check the link in my signature.
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