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  1. We are happy with the tq numbers just want to push them a little higher in the rpm range before they fall off...
  2. My SP manifold was a webbed manifold thus the alignment issues that hampered the SP non webbed manifolds was not there. The short runners killed the torque on the SP manifold. If I go turbo that manifold will go back on. It just does not perform well NA.
  3. Yes it is the same motor/injectors/megasquirt with just the intake manifolds being changed along with the rebuild and overbore... Don't know what the cam timing is as the motor was previously factory stock and we did not check the cam timing when the rebuilt motorwent back into the car.
  4. We are probably ordering an adjustable cam sprocket soon. Just putting a toe in the Hybridz waters on any other ideas...
  5. I went to the webbed EGR intake due to the short runners on the Senza intake killing the torque on the motor. This advice was from a guy that was racing and crewing for them in the good old days Run file 12 is the Senza intake Run 44 is the webbed EGR intake. The longer runners definitely brought the torque back...
  6. I am having the opposite problem. Oh and my tuner kept putting in more Advance and the engine kept liking it... I am thinking that I will be popping in an adjustable cam pulley soon...
  7. Ok, Brief background. First Pull is from a few years ago with the group buy SENZA PARI intake. We figured the short intake runners killed the Torque on the motor. Second Pull is from this spring with a rebuilt .40 over motor as the old motor dropped compression on the #4 cylinder and had to be rebuilt. The motor is an N42 with N42 head and is completely stock with the exception of the .40 overbore. We are readying a new intake which will be port matched to the head and also will have had the runners opened up. The big issue we have with the current intake is this is a webbed EGR intake and the intake log is necked down for the last 2~3 cylinders and we are not sure if that is impacting the flow. So we are going to a non webbed non EGR intake that is the same diameter the whole way down the log. The real issue that we would like to solve is moving the HP and Torque a bit further along in the RPM range as the Torque peak is faith at 4400RPM and the HP peak is at 5000RPM. we expected it to not peak at such a low RPM. We are also thinking an adjustable Cam Pulley might help us move the peaks. Any thoughts??
  8. Not sure that 158 hp was a lot. The MS3Pro was just the engine management. I did go to fuel injected and sequential injection/ignition with the MS3Pro and I would like to think that this would have some gains over a regular carb setup but I never dynoed the motor with any other setup. The intake may have helped a bit and I know the exhaust was less restrictive soooo... So to get the little bit of HP back we just kept giving it more timing and backed some out when we heard it start to detonate. At this point the motor was headed to rebuild so it only needed to last for another 30 minutes of running but I was not too concerned about blowing it up... (it made it through nationals and is now rebuilt and feels stronger than before, a dyno session is coming up and also E85 during the same session I hope) I will post up another dyno chart in a month or so after I get down to VA beach for some more tuning..
  9. The injectors were only cleaned last week. The car was last at the dyno in April. The injectors were not flowing enough fuel in their clogged state in April on the dyno once the car was in the upper RPMs... So when clean high flowing injectors were installed it was flowing way too much fuel for the fuel map that was in there that tried to compensate for poorly flowing injectors...
  10. The injectors and coil wiring fix just got done Saturday. So those were the first logs he had seen since it failed on dyno day...
  11. And Fixed..... Turns out that once I had the injectors cleaned, and flow tested they were dumping way too much fuel. I sent the data logs to Peter and he said, "wow looks really rich now", He sent me a new fuel map and I drove it and Data logged it. Reved to 6K with no problem before it was running really rich. Sent him the data logs and he sent a another new fuel map and a new ignition map. Now it revs and pulls hard all the way to 7K. Now it will be off to see Peter in VA Beach for some Dyno fine tuning. Glad this ordeal is over (of course it is BSP so something else will break). Really stressing me out, and a great birthday gift!!!
  12. Sent the logs to Peter, I let the log viewer update when I opened it today and now it's not working... Doh...
  13. The Coil packs are genuine AC Delco D581s the plug leads are Magnacore 60285, not sure about the plug brand but the gapping was set at .035 when the plugs went into the car Not currently running a dwell table in the settings. the dwell is set to 3.0ms and the spark is set to 0.9ms. The crank and cam trigger wires are routed separately from the rest of the wires in the car as I was paranoid about EMI. The wires are shielded, and the MS3Pro has a shielded Cam and Crank wires in the factory harness which is what the shielded crank and cam wires that I put in are connected to. I will be taking the car over to the motor builder tomorrow to have him look things over. I will post up the dyno sheets when Peter sends them over to me.
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