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  1. I support this idea. But only if you happen to have the parts kicking around. As and owner of two '69 Cutlass's I can tell you that Olds engines are much more expensive to build and parts are harder to find. With that said, One of my Cutlass's is a parts car with a good running engine and trans and it has been very tempting to throw those in my 280Z.
  2. Yeah I've been looking into the newer S chassis cars but apparently after fast n furious they shot up in price because every boy-racer on the east coast wants one, tears the motor out and then thinks he can pawn off the project he never finished for $3000. If I could get an S chassis for under $1500 without it being a title-less rotbox I'd drop the cash on it but so far my search has turned up nothing. I found a car that was in a fire for $300, I was gonna nab that but someone got it before I did.
  3. I'm not worried about spending money on an oil pan, I'm worried about spending money where I don't have to. If i could flip the oil pan, why not? If I have to suck it up and spend the cash for one, thats the way the world works. Wanting to save money where possible doesn't suggest I'm not capable of an engine swap, it means I'll have more money for go-fast stuff after the conversion is done . Like I said, I don't even have a swap car picked out yet, and the purpose of this topic was to help me narrow down my choices, mainly now to front-sump vehicles unless I find a clean Z car for cheap (nev
  4. Understood, figured it was worth asking since I saw that video. Couldn't believe the guy just flipped the pan around and drilled new holes, I suppose his motor didn't last long then lol. I just can't believe it cost almost $400 for a swap oil pan for chist sakes. Not the most expensive part of the swap obviously but its $400 more than I can justify. I haven't bought the swap car yet, I'm starting to lean towards getting something that came with a front sump motor stock.
  5. Hey guys, I'm thinking of taking on an RB swap since there is a JDM importer not far from where I am with some decent prices My main question is, can you simply flip around the oil pan and pickup? I've read this mentioned a couple times on other websites and there was a guy with a 240p video who mentioned he turned the pan around, "drilled new holes" turned the pickup around and then bolted it on. Is that something thats commonly done? Seems like a much more cost effective way of doing it than spending $389 on a swap pan. Hell, $389 is more than enough to do an upgraded fuel system including a
  6. High right? looking at the motor? as in, drivers side? Forgive me if I'm wrong but doesnt the stock truck 5.3 PS/Alt bracket stuck the alternator up there?
  7. Are they a straight bolt in? stock fuel rail? What did you do for pump and regulator? I know on Turbo LSX's MS1 runs via throttle position sensor, inlet air temp sensor, and coolant temp sensor, map sensor (built in) and a wideband for good tuning. Is it the same for a Z, or what did you use?
  8. Sorry, I was a little unclear. By stock EFI system, I mean't stock intake and throttle body and injector clips with bigger injectors, tuned and controlled by Megasquirt with an MSD ignition with boost retard built in running the ignition system, none of the stock computer or harness (other than plugs) would be used. What kind of injectors could I replace the stockers with to support upwards of 250HP without breaking the bank? I heard that the injectors are the same or similar to GM injectors of the new age motors but I can't confirm that. Ideally, I'd like to be running a T3/T4 and if it bolts
  9. Yeah I actually have been spending some time looking into it, looks like Megasquirt one is easy, and correct me if I'm wrong but aren't 280z injectors batch fire? aka, they all spray at once? I wouldn't take much to rig that one up and it looks like an average MSD with a boost reference would be plenty for spark control. Then I could basically run whatever turbo I want and use the stock EFI system, of course with bigger injectors (would ZX turbo injectors be suffiecient for a T3/T4 making around 15 lbs?). if I could get 300 WHP would of the 280 I would be incredibly happy. the fender tag says
  10. megasquirt interests me. How hard is it to program? I haven't dug too far into it but it seems like a good way to control fuel injection and would work well for a turbo 5.3 LM7 build (for one of my other cars). I've read a lot into the LSX motors, especially the 5.3 LM7. the flow characteristics of that motor right out of the box is insane. With just a carb intake, 750 carb, MSD controlling the ignition, a cam and valve springs they made 433 horsepower at 6,800 RPMs. Insane little motor. They are cheap too, however cams are pretty damn expensive ($350) and thats over twice what a SBC cam goes
  11. Okay, things are starting to make sense now. I wasn't sure if a stock manifold could bolt up a T3/T4. I was under the impression that 76 L28 N/A motors had both AFM and TPS, and figured if using the stock computer for ignition only I'd need some sort of reference to the throttle position or engine RPM to have the computer control ignition timing. It does infact have a distributor. This may be more of a pain in the arse than its worth, but I have yet to find a single turbo ZX or complete engine setup around me that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I believe the motor has a cam in it already, it h
  12. Hey guys, I'm looking to get more power out of my L28 in my 76 280Z, its currently N/A. I've considered doing a chevy swap and as much as I want to, the motor is clean and appears to have been rebuilt in the past and everything just works flawlessly right now so I can't see yanking it. I may get some flack for this but rather than a L280ET swap out of a ZX I've considered another possiblity, an ebay T3/T4 manifold, an Ebay T3/T4 hybrid turbo, and plumb it into the stock throttle body either held wide open or butterfly removed. I'd then put a Holley 4 barrel in a draw-thru configuration and of
  13. If I cut precisely, think I could make another cut making the bushing 2 piece and making my life 10x easier?
  14. A bit late to the party but any chance you could post some pictures of the motor mounts? with or without the motor installed. I could only find 1 set of mounts sold here http://www.1uzfeswapkit.com/Steel-UHMW-Mount-for-the-1UZFE-MkIII-Supra-Engine-PAIR-0000-0007.htm Are those the mounts you used? And by flipped, did you use the motor part of the mount for the chassis, and chassis part of the supra mount for the motor? Or flipped from side to side? I'm considering this swap and if theres a bolt-in mount to slap the motor in there it'd definitely help me make up my mind. Lexus LS400's are
  15. Cool, sound like a good fit. I did a search on google and found that a lot of bushings are one piece with a slit in one side of the rubber, did yours come like that or were they 2 piece? If they came one piece with a slit, how hard was it to get it on the rack?
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