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  1. Minus the emission equipment, I got a bone stock 94 Pontiac TransAm LT1 in my 81 280ZX. Engine probably has 110K on it. It's my daily driver and I've put over 10K miles since the conversion. Car has the following: * Stock suspension * R230 differential * 4L60e tranny * Dual 2.5" going into a single 3" exhaust and a 40 series Flowmaster by the gas tank. * Don't laugh but I got a stock manifold on the driver side and a block hugger header on the passenger side. Clearance issues. Haven't had a problem yet. * MSD fuel pump. Fairly loud by the way. 1/4 mile: 13.10 @ 106
  2. Great find! I just bought some muffler bearings from KalecoAuto. I hope that eliminates the noise coming from my exhaust. Sean
  3. Top Fuel ZX

    The Z

    Just to give you an idea of the sound...Dual 2.5" exhaust going into a single 3" out the back. No cats...Running one 3" Flowmaster 40 series muffler. So it's kindof loud
  4. And it was awesome I got the jump on him at the start but he overtook me 2/3 of the way down the track. All I can say is that car is fast!! 617hp!! The guy was kindof snobbish. Oh well. The only thing I could beat him at was the r/t and 60 foot time. Sean
  5. Nice job...Now bring some sunshine up here so I can wash my car...haha..That's a nice paint job! I can almost tell the brand of camera you have just from the reflection off the water temp. Sean
  6. I got OWNED!!! by a SLR....and it was awesome
  7. Here's what I used to align the diff + tranny and measure the angles. I've been running my setup for over 1200miles....no vibrations. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=109413 Sean
  8. Alignment Tool Here’s info on how to make a Differential Laser Alignment Tool. This tool allows the user to verify that the differential and transmission are in phase. I have used this on my 81 280ZX(LT1/4l60E with R230) and have had no driveline vibrations. I am posting this info because there have been questions regarding how to align your diff with your tranny. This is a good alternative to the other options. Special Note This is Pop N Wood’s idea. He thought of the idea of using lasers and everything. All credit should go to him. This is NOT my write-up for
  9. Shown is both alignment tools...the larger magnet goes on the output flange of the tranny and the smaller magnet goes on the input flange of the differential.
  10. The smaller magnet alignment tool is placed on the differential and the larger magnet goes on the tranny
  11. This photo is the underside of the smaller magnet. Notice that the bolt protrudes beyond the magnet.
  12. This is a partly assembled laser alignment tool that I used when puting in the LT1/4l60E and the R230. This photo is the smaller magnet and the socket gets bolted to the magnet. The larger magnet has the socket epoxied or welded to it.
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