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  1. So i went to put the back end of my 280z back together with my energy suspension kit and to my surprise the rear sway was huge compared to the bushing so i took a measurement and couldnt believe it, so i had someone else check it and sure enough the rear sway bar measure at 1in diameter. Now the measurements where taken by using a tape measure but two sets of eyes never lie. Anyone know who even makes these? or possibly the energy suspension part number for the front and rear sway bar bracket bushings?
  2. your correct in the orientation of the springs. i'm unaware of any issues with the bump stops but i installed kybs with vogtlands and separate bump stops.
  3. not sure if i worded it wrong but couldn't find anything... so when upgrading the ignition to edis and removing the distributor do you have to modify the oil pump shaft to keep it working correctly? simple question right.
  4. i tested the EDIS setup with the stock computer before setting up megasquirt
  5. does anyone have a base setup/tune for a stock l28e running EDIS? the edis is running ford coil on plugs like 1 fast z's cars? i just want to make sure everything is setup right before starting the car. thanks!!!
  6. so i have an n42 block that i may want to overbore to 90mm.. any idea what issues i would have? just curious thanks
  7. thank you Boog! so i also have some weird stuff going on with something mixing with the oil so i'll be pulling the head and replacing the head gasket.
  8. alright so i have a 75 280z that i'm redoing the suspension on and i cant find any real information on the strut bearings/mounts. my question is do i need to replace the "strut bearing/mount" in the front and the bushing in the rear when installing the new components? i have new kyb's, vogtland springs and a master energy suspension kit, and possibly getting st sway bars thanks!
  9. so your telling me that an engine that has sat for 10yrs, you wouldn't want to check it out and make sure everything is okay? a 1/2" of sludge in the pan wouldnt be a concern to you? you guys are focusing on the little details of the conversation and not answering the real question. If i dont know the history of a motor/car and can see it hasnt been properly taken care of i am going to check/replace everything especially if i need to depend on the vehicle. just think of my car as a total restoration project What kind of timing chain set would you use?
  10. Well right now i'm installing megasquirt and c.o.p's and i have a big leak from the valve cover because the threads were stripped by someone prier. so i was planning on getting megasquirt running and then taking the head off to take care of the leak problem, at the same time, overhauling the motor just to ease my mind...i know compression is good so i wont be tearing the pistons out unless something is terribly wrong...i'm use to dealing with troublesome motors and don't feel like having to rework anything twice. and yes i know that the metal composition in the block is wonderful, but i
  11. really? all those looks and no one has an input?
  12. 75 280z motor is stock and supposedly only has 40,000 but sat for 10yrs. alright so i'm taking the engine apart and rebuild/refreshing my motor depending on how everything looks. My question is what brand of timing chain/set is everyone using? ITM, Beck/Arnley, Cloyes Thanks!
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