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  1. Im in need of some window regulators for my 75 280. I believe the late 260 may work as well. Let me know Thanks.
  2. Started assembling my door glass. Polished them up a little to take some of the fine scratches out. Smooth as.... well, glass. Freshly plated hardware Now I need to source some new window regulators because I had mine plated and it destroyed the plastic rollers and the crank mechanism in the process :disappoin On a happier note I talked to Dave Rebello and he told me my motor was finished and he just needs to do the dyno testing on it. So if all goes well it should be shipping out soon!
  3. I took my gas tank to a local radiator shop and had them hot tank and seal it. They also painted it black for me. Installed new rubber insulators on the straps Cleaned up the filler hose and installed it. And finally got my tank in. Now I just need to figure out where all of these fuel lines go :ermm: Also bought a new side mirror from a 240Z Holes dont line up so I had to drill a new hole and make the other one larger And installed pic Much better than the plastic 280Z mirrors I think.
  4. I just love your Z Mossy! Did you sell your 16's?
  5. Thanks. Yea i didnt notice those fenders until they were painted. My body guy said it won't be a problem to fix them later.
  6. And some random pics of how its sitting right now. Im waiting VERY patiently for my motor to get here from Rebello so I can get to the fun stuff!
  7. Just finished a few more things on the list. Installed the vinyl trim on my pillars and did my headliner. I followed this link from Blue and worked great. Only difference is I bought the kit from Motorsport. http://www.classiczc...stallation.html The glue they send with their headliner kit is garbage, throw it away or give it to your wife to do crafts and stuff. I went to Autozone and bought this: Its pricey ($25 a can) but its the real deal. This is the same stuff they use at Automotive upholstery shops. (I used to work at an upholstery shop). I also put in t
  8. Hey guys, I bought a 240Z steering wheel and i'm in need of a horn pad and the pieces that mount it to the wheel. If anyone has one laying around let me know how much.
  9. Got a few goodies today in anticipation of my motor coming in soon. Centerforce clutch and Fidanza lightweight flywheel And a Pacesetter ceramic coated 3-2-1 header.
  10. Cleaned up and painted the 5 speed today. Looks brand new again! Installed filler tube and replated gas cap and chain. Also put in a new rubber flap. Attached Thumbnails
  11. Its not too bad of a job when the whole thing is out of the car, but I can imagine it being a pain in the a** doing it in the car.
  12. I would say interior last. At least you will look good flying past someone!
  13. Hello, Im back. It ended up being an expensive weekend for me. I just bought my first brand new vehicle, a '14 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I really like it so far. Ok back to the Z.... I also purchased this bad boy. A 5 speed close ratio out of an 80 ZX. Now all I need is a new rear diff with some 3.90 gears and I'll be good to go. I may run the original diff for awhile but I think the gearing will make it sluggish on the low end. Maybe the torque of the 3.1 might make up for it, we will have to wait and see. I couldn't pass up the deal on craigslist for the tranny. I also installed my
  14. Thanks for the kind words! I am in the process of making a list of all the hardware I bought. I ordered more than I needed so I just need to figure out what I didnt use. I will let you know.
  15. Been busy with family the last couple weeks so I havent had the time to work on the Z till now. I covered the floor pans, headliner, door panels, and a few other inner panels with Dynamat. I used the 34 sq ft kit and worked out pretty well. Should be nice and quiet now.
  16. Got some stuff installed in the engine bay. Horns Inspection light Hood latch and misc.. Pedal box and steering wheel painted and installed. (new steering wheel coming) New Muteki black wheel lugs Also just ordered: Brake booster Brake master cylinder Clutch cylinder Speedometer cable New engine mounts
  17. I reached a milestone today. The car is officially a rolling chassis! Rear drum brakes installed with all new parts. Back on the ground! Not sure why its sitting so high in the rear. Hopefully it will settle down once the motor is in. Also installed the wiper assembly today.
  18. Thank you. I used 20 guage for most of it. Bought it from Eastwood, but I also seen some at Home Depot.
  19. Got most of the rear suspension in over the weekend Also powder coated my wheels black and mounted my Dunlop Direzza 205/50R16 Some random shots with my good camera
  20. Plasti dipped my engine bay wire ties today. They were beat up from sandblasting and body work. I removed a couple of torn ones and sprayed then sprayed them with plastidip. Hopefully it holds up. It not perfect but its a lot better than it was. In hind sight I should've had them painted body color but oh well. Heres a pic of what they looked like before. Sandblasted and overspray on them. Much better!
  21. Looks good right now! What are your wheel and tire specs?
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