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  1. Thank you, Im really happy with how it turned out. Heres the thread I followed. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/interior-s30/23919-dash-repair-process-pictures.html
  2. Thanks! Received my "Wanna-not-be's" 16x7 0 offset
  3. Had some time over the weekend to start putting her back together. Started with the fuel/brake lines. Installed the E brake hardware And then started on the front suspension Painted the front hubs and prepped them for new bearings
  4. Rejuvenating my rubber! Most of my rubber insulators and grommets were salvageable but some I had to toss and i'll replace. I dont really have any before pics but they were pretty nasty. Here was my process; 1. Soak overnight in jar of degreaser 2. Remove and scrub with stiff bristle brush 3. Then soak in Dawn dish soap 4. Rinse with hot water 5. Soak in jar with rubber rejuvinater overnight 6. Wipe down and coat with rubber protectant. I know this may seem a little much for just some rubber pieces but it beats the hell out of paying to replace all of them. Degreased: The rubber re
  5. My rear spoiler My Xenon front air dam My suspension parts came back from getting powder coated semi gloss black My new brake set up from Silvermine. Stage 3 front My suspension setup. Eibach springs with Tokico HP shocks All new factory rubber bushings All new yellow zinc hardware from Fastenal Attached Thumbnails
  6. Got the car back from paint and it looks amazing! He did an awesome job. No orange peel and it was wet sanded and polished to a beautiful shine. It feels really good to have it back, now i'm really excited to get this thing put back together. Attached Thumbnails
  7. Haha, yea I've definitely seen worse. I was lucky I didnt have to replace the entire floor pan, just patched it.
  8. With all the welding done I built a couple make shift carts so I would be able to roll thee chassis around. My painter picking her up. Some body work shots. Up on the rotisserie. Finally some paint! The car will be painted 904 Ivory base coat/clear coat. The undercarriage was primered and coated with a color matched 3M undercoating. Base coat only Clear coat. Nice and shiny And thats about where I am at as of now. He was going to deliver the car today but we are getting a nasty storm here in Colorado so it might have to wait until next weekend. He
  9. My dash was in need of some love so I followed the dash repair techniques on this forum and I think it came out really good. Not perfect but 100X better than it was. I ended up spending about $100 on materials and a good week or 2 of working on it here and there. Heres the materials I used. Plus I used Great Stuff expanding foam and Duplicolor Truck bed coating for the final coat. Used the Great stuff expanding foam to fill in the cracks that were split open. Then I used the bondo bumper repair to fill in the holes Coat #2 Then applied the SEM glaze putty. This required
  10. Started disassembling the suspension to send out to get powder coated. Also sent these parts out to be yellow zinc plated
  11. Some more misc. metal work pics Rear bumper bracket holes were filled in
  12. More rust repair pics All interior frame areas were covered with Eastwood's Internal Frame Coating for rust protection Heres the damaged frame rail. I got a new piece fabricated by a local fab shop
  13. I got the car back after a week. They did a really thorough job. It was nice to finally work on it without getting dirty and greasy. Then I worked on removing the suspension. Next I started working on the metal work. Now I haven't welded anything since shop class in high school but I was eager to learn so I went out and bought a welder and got to work! Heres some welding shots
  14. I scraped as much of the undercoating off as I could. This was fun.... Removed the fuel/brake lines. Now shes ready to go to the media blaster. She looked pretty pathetic when I left her there so I took a quick pic. So with the car gone for awhile I turned my attention to stripping down the motor. I will be shipping it out to Rebello for a high compression 3.0 stroker set up. All parts were labeled and sorted with ziploc bags.
  15. Most of the interior is removed. Now its time to get the motor out Removed the wiring harnesses Removed glass and front body panels. Some rust porn for you weirdos LOL Attached Thumbnails
  16. So once I got her home I had a chance to really look her over. Spare tire area looked good so thats a good sign. Some rust on the rear hatch. Dash has the normal Z cracks. Interior is rough but complete. Also removed the rear bumper Fenders need to be replaced Drivers floor pan is pretty bad. Some more rust The drivers frame rail is rusted, both frame rails in the fender wells are rusted, the battery tray is pretty bad, and the rockers are rusted as well. There are definitely cleaner, more rust free Z's out there but it could be worse. I decided to move fo
  17. Hello, I wanted to post a build thread to document the process of my restoration. I have a 1975 280Z that I purchased off a local craigslist ad. Heres the ad. Ive wanted one of these cars since I was in high school and was looking for one that was in decent shape without too much rust and that was running. I went and looked at this one and thought it was in pretty good shape. It had a little rust but I was thinking most of it was surface rust. I took it for a test drive and instantly fell in love. The motor was solid, brakes worked, and it cruised down the highway nice and straight. It fel
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