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  1. I have a 77 280z with a l28et swap running turbo dizzy and gm 4 wire HEI on megasquirt. I went to swap the no name module out for a pertronix d2000 flame thrower to rule out a random no spark issue. I swapped it in and it will start and idle fine but as soon as you give it any throttle it starts to lope bad like it's getting spark cut out. Swap the old module back over and it runs fine. Anyone run into a similar issue with a d2000 module?
  2. Looking for a pair of 280z rear strut tower isolators. Currently running 240's but I want to bring it back up about an inch. What do you have? Shipping to 08015.
  3. I've looked at your thread before but just realized you ran it at Englishtown and you're in NJ. My car is at work in Manalapan while I've been painting it. Let me know if you plan on heading back to the track any time soon. I'd like to see what my junk does before I dig into the holset swap.
  4. Got tired of the various shades of black primer so I painted it. before During After
  5. Just picked this up 7 blade 56mm 12cm HX35w from a 99-02 manual dodge cummins. Starting to piece together what I'll need and start on a new downpipe.
  6. I'm guessing somewhere around 60-70 on shipping from WI to NJ? 3.54 or 3.90?
  7. Looking for a reasonably priced r200 3.54 or 3.90 rear preferably with the stub axles in the NJ area or someone willing to ship to commercial address 07726 zip.
  8. I'm considering a hx35 swap, I thought the t3 flange bolted right up? You had to redrill? edit: oh a year and no updates nevermind I guess
  9. Are you still looking? I have a 3.90 R180 but I'm in NJ.
  10. it's in. I don't know about bolt spacing being different. The r200 bolted right up in place. Someone must have swapped the r180 in. There were spacers between the mustache bar and diff cover. The only thing I had to address was shortening the driver side halfshaft by about an inch. Turns out the r180 was a 4.11. Guess someone got it cheap. The turbo likes the 3.54 a lot better. Double win for me.
  11. On http://www.zhome.com/ZCMnL/tech/R200.htm it states there are 3 mustache bars, a flat, an offset and a more offset one. The bar in my car is not flat but I don't know if it's offset enough for the r200. I have also read you can flip them around for the r200 to fit. The internet is such a crap shoot of all kinds of misinformation and threads that never get resolved. I'm just going to have to get under it and try it myself and see what I need.
  12. Having read that link I'm still a little in the dark. Seeing as this is a 280 and not a 240 that means my mustache bar will work as it's not a flat 240? I don't have to address moving the diff forward as it's already in the same place as the r200 280z's. The mounting holes for the diff cover on the mustache bar are in the same spots in the 280 r200 and r180 cars? R180 and R200 280z's share the same front diff mount? Now as far as I can tell all I need to possibly address is the short side half shaft. It may bottom out as I'm about 2" lower than stock and they are basically straight out from the diff at right height, no angle taking up some width. edit: looks like the front diff mounts are the same judging from http://www.geocities.com/jasonparuta/diffswap.html
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