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  1. AWESOME! That is great news, bring on the LT1!!! I am very excited. I pulled this unit from the local Pick and pull for 50.00 Bones. I was pretty upset when I started pricing parts and hunting parts for the steering swap. I thought for a while that the V8 swap was not gonna happen, but it was actually pretty simple work to remove the parts so I dont think it will be too bad to cleanup re seal and install this to my car. Are there any alighment ghosts to speak of after the swap is done or is it pretty straight forward? Thanks again guys! Jason
  2. I have already searched this swap repeatedly and I have already aquired a manual rack and crossmember with the steering linkage up to the coupler from an 81 ZX. My question is, do I have to swap out the entire steering column to get the linkage to connect to the Manual rack or will my power steering setup swap at the coupler with the rack setup? Thanks for any input. Again before the Napalm starts flying I have searched the swap and found that I needed the Rack + the crossmember but nothing on the steering linkage from the column to the rack, I can post pics of what I have if need be, or would like pics of what I actually need if someone has them readily available. Again thanks for any input. Jason
  3. Ahh, so the dampers we are talkin about are the Shocks??? That make sense I read the previous post and thought there was some strut mount insulator or something I had overlooked. In that light, I take it that the Tokicos are what they are...STIFF!!! LOL. Cheap and non-adjustable. It's all makin sense now, The difference in terminology from the US to ACross the pond has been throwing me. I am so glad all you guys put into this thread, I knew there were some S130 folks with fast cars out there. I just needed to be a fly on the wall to learn something. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for the info richard.I'll do more homework. Jason
  5. 400 Lbs. front and rear spring rates? Whats your cars total weight and what type of tires are you running? Just curious as to How the thing rides on the street? Also, forgive a n00b but, what do you mean by ARBs???
  6. Yeah, thats seems to be the theory. I can see where you would want to stiffen the rear end up, but how far do you go before you have limited travel and the car beats you to death on the daily drive? Its all relative. Racecare/streetcar...Can't have both. I will be adding front and rear strut tower braces as well as thicker sway bars and a tire that has lower sidewall profile and see where that gets me.
  7. I'm running the tokico kit with full poly bushings and its pretty stiff for street/daily driving. Borderline uncomfortable on a daily commute. I have pushed it pretty hard canyon carving with a friend of mine(99 legacy GT) and I found its limits... The car(with the tokico/poly setup) running 50 series rubber has a good solid feel when being pushed moderately to mildly aggressive. That being said it tends to give way pretty fast when pushing the car "hard" . What I mean is that it feels real good and then hits a point where the handling deteriorates very quickly. I'm talking 85 to 90 mph in some serious turns. The tires begin to flex at the sidewall quickly followed by the rear end abruptly rolling out. All in all I think for the Dabbler the Tokico kit is a great start on the s130. I will be doing some fabrication and suspension work and getting better tires before I consider re-vamping my springs/struts/shocks from Tokico. I am happy with the Tokico kit bang for buck, its just enough to make you say...How far am I really gonna go with this suspension stuff?!?!?
  8. I like the G37 tail light concept. Found this pic online and I really like the look, though like everyone else I'd do my own twist of course...
  9. I definitely have no desire to go lower than the Tokico kit has me right now, which is around 1 inch lower than stock. I think any lower would be impractical where I live and drive, I have already had some conflict with what I assumed to be small road debris.( Had to fix rear E brake brackets when I thought I could straddle a small rock on the hwy,lol.) I am curious as to why lower would be bad as far as the adjustable tension rod is concerned? Thanks Jason
  10. I like the Adjustable tension rod from Techno-toy, But, I'll be getting those later , after I work out my rear end set up. Still workin of cash flow to get the brackets for the rear control arms to adjust Camber/Toe issues with the lowered car. I am thinking that with front and rear strut tower braces as well as thicker sway bars the car will ride like a concrete truck on the street but handle like a demon on the track/ autox course. thats the goal. (Though I am getting tired of chronic back pain on long drives, plus all the bumps make me spill my beer...)
  11. I like the look of this kit as well. It will need nice fat rim/tire combo though with sweet offsets to pull it off w/o looking cheesy In my opinion.
  12. "Has anyone used these end links?" I haven't and honestly I'm not sure what the real advantage to using them would be...
  13. The rear trailing arms are an almost identical system... That being said the actual parts interchange is what has been stated here s130to 510 is doable but not vice versa. I have found some nice suspension upgrade "Ideas" from 510 sites but not crossover parts, if that makes any sense.( There are some rear trailing arm camber/toe adjustment parts that can be installed to an s130 with minimal fabrication.) Jason
  14. I couldnt agree more. I really like your engine compartment layout. BTW, Where did you get that Intake manifold? Also, did you custom cut your plug wires for the wrap around? Jason
  15. Fricfrac, Sounds like you feel the same as me. I don't like the slotted set-up that is offered through Motorsports. The shackles I found over on a 510 forum will be more adjustable, maintain integrity, and Will not move. These are not "heim" set-ups, they are camber/toe brackets for trailing arm suspension set up. They sell for $320 a set but you will have to do some of the welding /mounting work to fit them to your Zx. If your interested in them PM me and Ill get you more info on them. Jason
  16. I don't think you necessarily have to pull an E30 swap to fix your suspension set-up. Essentially our cars and the E30 have the same design(trailing Arm Rear Suspension) What I'm gonna do here is try to copycat some of the E30 upgrades for my ZX. I have found several similar suspension designs and I can see where we could benefit from their ideas. I just gotta find some people who can Fab... There are several setups like the Camber/toe brackets that I linked earlier in this thread and some fully custom rear suspension set-ups from Arizona Z cars, etc.. The swap is cool, but You would still have to do some work to make the E30 setup bad arse when lowered. I have been looking and I think with the Brackets and some bumpsteer spacers up front should put my car well ahead of my driving capabilities at this point. Jason My $.02
  17. Yeah, I am really really excited about these brackets,I'm going to pull a crossmember from the local P&P. Completely restore it with this bracket upgrade then I think my car will be exactly where I want it. Gonna need some custom alignment after it's all done, more money please.....lol. I will post up the finished product after the holidays are over. I will be runnin lean until January on the extra scratch for my Z. That doesnt mean we should kill the thread we need to keep the info and opinions coming on our ZedX's. I'm excited about making our cars work. Has everyone been to Xenons page? He has the FSM available for us and lots of good info. his link is in Post#2 I believe. Jason
  18. I haven't checked into wether or not it maintains it position during a flogging. I just assumed that since that was what they were running that all was well. Good point I'll get back to ya. Jasob
  19. If your talking about where the Crossmember mounts to the uni-body I think that would help keep stock alignment.... You will have to adjust rear shock/spring mount to accommodate for the difference in height caused by the crossmember mount. IMHO.... and we all know what opinions are like. You may not be very happy with this car raised up on the rear-end. It is already prone to roll-out due to the trailing arm setup. Elevating your weight may not serve well. unless you want strictly a straight line machine. In that case you will have some room for big rubber out back which is a plus. Again my $.02 Jason
  20. Same problems involved with lowering I would assume. The only way to pull it off with our cars would be to lower the Trailing arm mount locations and possibly block the rear suspension tophat or upper shock mount. just my initial thoughts tho
  21. I agree completely, Frank. I have looked into the Datsun 510 forums and have found some nice heim joint fabs they are doing. I am collaborating with one of their guys to utilize zedX dimensions and try to put together something for us! Here are some of the datsun 510 pics. Not zx spec yet... what do you think? Does anyone know the width of the stock rear trailing arm Bushing btw LOL? Jason
  22. Right on, starting to see some gain here lets keep it up. I like the looks of these units from K-mac but I couldnt get the catalog to open for me. I'll make sure my adobe is up to date, heh. I was curious to what they had for rear trailing arm adjustment if anything. thanks Hunter, Jason
  23. Here are the stock spring rates F/R in the S130 126lbs/126lbs.(These rates should be applicable for all s130s from 2+2 to coupe na/turbo etc) This should give us a baseline to work from. With this information I at least have a better understanding of why my Tokico kit rides like a blockwheeled wagon on the street. Spring rates for my kit are F/R 200lbs/175lbs. But I don't understand why with a rear trailing arm suspension that tokico didnt stiffen up the rear springs to compensate for the "Roll" that is indicative of that system. Also the stiffness isn't the cure.It's part of it. what is also needed to be adressed is the front/rear camber/toe of the car after it has been lowered. Furthermore the run of the mill alignment shop ain't gonna be to correctly align your ride after kit install without the addition of some adjustable suspension hardware. i.e. adjustable tension rod, the addition of some bumpsteer spacers etc.. Right now I am looking at some brackets for the rear to avoid blowing serious coin on a custom built adjustable rear crossmember for our cars. I'll post up with info as we come up with it. Side note here: I have seen some brackets on motorsports for rear adjustability...I do not like the looks of this kit, it seems problematic and that is why I am researching alternatives. Jason
  24. I am gonna jump on board with Hunterzed here and Rollingparts lol. There have been some indescriminant flaming here and there and I agree it seems to go against what this forum is all about. On the flip side I agree with Rolling parts Search feature statement. Thing is the Zx's don't have as much overall coverage as our S30 brethren. This is not really a bad thing. Look at it like a generational thing, The old schoolers got their homework done on their cars, now it's our turn. I've posted under our S130 sub catagory and hope people get on board. If we don't have the answers lets find them! My $.02 anyhow, Jason
  25. I have beat the search engine to death on this topic and I have decided that since we Zx'ers have the place to do it; We should put some pertinent info for proper suspension modification/ design here. I have been cruisin' thru the 510 forums to scope some of their info and I like what I see and the S30 guys have their suspension dialed in on this forum. We are behind the 8ball here folks. I was thinking along the lines of compiling some data on the stock weight distribution/ spring rates and rear crossmember/trailing design of our cars to get a base line. Then we could work from there. So Let's hear it, We can all gain from this so lets chip in if we got information on this topic. thanks' Jason
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