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  1. with ps6266 you can run higher psi than stock turbo 12psi. I think its ok to run 24psi with limited rpm to 7k because of weak oiling system.
  2. Fill and restore the cracked dashboard and interior parts also trying to replace broken ac with universal one. Closed all firewall holes; ac pipes, heater pipes and ecu harness hole, and made one hole for all from battery tray side. And battery moved to rear side
  3. Replaced the old clutch master cylinder with new OEM Nissan patrol one and made flange to make it fit
  4. Thanks for comments. I will make holes in shroud. There is a seal tape between shroud and rad to close the gap, also planning to install one 12inch slim puller fan.
  5. Installing 42 Row Engine Oil Cooler with AN10 Oil Filter Relocation Adapter
  6. Installing radiator three rows and fabricating fan shroud for flex fan3000cfm
  7. Stainless headers fabricated
  8. adapter plate done and fit with gearbox
  9. install motor Making adaptor for rb20 gearbox
  10. Engine and trans out ,clean and paint the bay Fabricating custom oil pan with rear sump, -10 AN fitting Oil Port Fitting for External Oil Filter, Depth: 6" at sump, 1 5/8" front half of pan also oil pickup extended and modified.
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