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  1. Vw friend said they can be found for around 300 in good condition, out of mk2
  2. Hello. I was hoping someone might be able to identify these seats. Car was for sale long ago but didnt have the funds at the time. Now i have 240z im building I know these kind of parts require hunting. Thanks in advance for any help
  3. thanks gents. I went over a few threads on the washer issue and found the guys website where he sales stronger bolts and washers. havent gotten to the install part yet Here's where to get the OBX LSD. I snagged mine used for quite a price . build on a budget https://www.ebay.com/itm/OBX-Racing-Sports-Limited-Slip-Differential-LSD-for-89-94-Nissan-240SX-300ZX-NEW-/190858753030
  4. Glad to hear it. All I know is that the obx is for a open diff 240sx and the r200 came out of a 200sx turbo, 4.11 gears. I purchased them out town and had a buddy pick them up.
  5. Darn..that was my joke. I dont take anything on the webs seriously bud. Hence the nonsarcastic thanks
  6. Let me get into more detail for you. Stuff reading bolts of different. And thanks for the reply
  7. Morning and afternoon gents. I just purchased both of the above and now im not sure if the ring with bolt to the obx lsd? If not what are my options thanks for any help
  8. veprk

    Turbo parts

    I'll take the ms3/ harness per our pm's
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