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  1. but you can't rev higher then 5-6000rpm with stock piston I read. Will go with Stock rods and JE pistons with 8:4:1 CR. They did cost 995$ + shipping to Sweden but then I know the piston is new and nice pins and rings. I have stock pistons 86,5mm but with no rings. So I choose to go with forged pistons. Rods I suppose they will be good. The only bad thing is they are pressed wrist pins. But my machine shop will handle that for me.
  2. Hello! I would like to buy a set of forged pistons for my engine build. I don't know what compression ratio I should have? Looked at Motorsport auto and they have Ross pistons for L28ET engine 81-83, but they don't write what CR I will get (maybe stock 7:4:1?) Have mailed them but don't get any answers. Have anyone else here used their pistons with any luck? Looking for around 300WHP. Best regards Johan
  3. Hello! I'm doing the classic 60mm trottle body conversion on my intake manifold for my engine build. Is there anyone having the same throttlebody as this guy uses in his "How to mydify 240sx TB Linkage to fit the stock L6 Intake" http://www.graytechsoftware.com/garage/tbs_linkage.asp Best regards Johan (SWEDEN)
  4. Is it the Rear big brake kit stage 4 you mean? Thats's the Ford mustang rear calipers. I would like to talk to someone using them with the toyota vented S12W calipers and discuss if its balanced or not.
  5. Hello! What front brake are you using? The S12W toyota calipers? I'm looking for better balanced rear brake kit and now I also found the "stage 4 vented big brake kit at silverminemotors" and are very interested if they will hold up for the bigger fronts..
  6. I have the "classic" Toyota S12W front calipers and are interesting how the ford mustang rear calipers works together with bigger front brakes. There are a lot of discussions about bad balance between these two kit..
  7. Hello! I've been reading for weeks about different rear brake kit together with the "classic" Toyota 4-runner S12W calipers with no luck =(. I know for sure that there are a lot of problems with the balance with 240sx rear caliper and even with the 280zx rear caliper. But now i found at "silverminemotors" that they have a rear big brake stage 4 kit with vented rotors and Ford mustang rear calipers. The piston is 43mm big but is that really enough? I suppose the Mustang was using 4 piston front calipers.. I don't want to do the swap if I can't find bigger rear brak
  8. Would like to buy this panel and get it shipped to SWEDEN. Best regards Johan
  9. Hello! I'm interested in upgrading my rear brakes on my datsun 240z. Let me know if you got what I need. Shipping to Sweden as well. Best regards Johan
  10. I'm looking for the spacer between the hub and the vented 300zx 1984 rotor for my 240z 1973 big brake uppgrade witch S12W caliper. Does anyone have that spacer or know the thickness of it? Best regards Johan
  11. Hello! I am interested in if possible restored 4 piston caliper (for vented rotors) for my frontbrake conversion on my datsun 240z 1973 Best regards Johan SWEDEN
  12. Have had enormous problems getting my package from a member here on hybridz. Did a payment 26 days ago and I havn't got my package yet! And the member did not give me a tracking number. And do not respond my messages!! Still looking for a R200 mustache bar for my swap in my 240z 1973 Best regards Johan SWEDEN
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