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  1. One of the guys on FB posted this from his vq swap. Hope it helps.
  2. Yes i am very disappointed that they didn't come painted. To me it just seemed unfinished. As far as the timeframe...took about a month to get them. The stock isolators will not work. These are pretty much the Mckinney Mounts...Speed Socal now make and sell their items. If i can do it over again...I would just make mounts instead of dishing out 700 plus for these.
  3. This came in today. A little disappointed that they didnt come painted but just grateful to get them. Time to pull the l24 and mount the vq in her.
  4. Sanchez...thats awesome. Cant wait to see your finished car. I do agree i wanted to keep it nissan and these motors do 300whp all day...which is more than enough for me plus the weight distribution makes for a fun little car. I spoke to Doug and hopefully was able to pull all needed for the harness work. Best of luck to you and most definitely need to link up to help each other out on our journeys. heres the wiring i got from the donor. Now just waiting on the mounts from Speed Socal.
  5. Appreciate the insight fellas..lol. Got the motor swap 2017 with 3k miles. Motor is little dusty from the car sitting out in the yard but should clean up nicely. Beginning to take out everything not needed like ac compressor, ps pump, etc. More updates soon. will be going in the 71
  6. Hey guys, I just purchased a vq37vhr out of a tboned 2017 370z. The engine will get pulled out in a couple of days. I pretty much have access to everything needed in the car pertaining to the swap. Question is what items do i need to get? From reading a few posts I would be needing engine, transmission, uncut harness, ecu, accelerator pedal, vvel unit. Anything else I should grab like driveshaft etc to make the swap a little easier where i won't be searching for parts? Any help appreciated....The place will be removing the engine on Saturday and I don't want to miss on something. TIA
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