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  1. That green wire was your pnp+ to the ecu? The pic on page 4. If so, I'll try to add power thru that or just try to replace the switch
  2. Hey Sanchez, how the build going? My ECM decided to die on me and now I have a surging idle. I plugged consult in to do a idle relearn, but consult says I have a NG neutral switch. With it being this way I cannot start the relearn with consult. Where did you locate the neutral switch? Have you ever heard of a vq37 with a surging idle? It goes from 800rpm to 3000rpm. It drops as it warms up. When I unplug the gas pedal the idle stays constant but higher than normal(2k rpm)
  3. Will you be running an A/C setup? I dont see many people with the vq going that route.
  4. Dang 8 gauges, what does it all read? Autocross or track car?
  5. The speed hut gauges look like the best option for aftermarket guages. I went with the revolution series guages. I'll post some pics as soon as i get them. Been waiting since black friday..
  6. Same here, zfever was pretty good on shipping me my shifter relocation bracket and motor/trans mounts. I was going to try and get a gas tank from them, but the price leans me towards a drop in solution. Will you be running T3 8.8 rear end conversion? It looks like a solid setup. Whats next for the Z?
  7. That's good to hear the harness is all good. What route will you go with the driveshaft? I was going to go with zfevers, but wanted to see if the stock 370z carbon composite driveshaft could be modified. Any thoughts?
  8. (415)724-0675 this is his number. It's not anywhere else on the site for some reason. Hopefully it all gets sorted out.
  9. That does sound like an ecu problem, Hexa has been slow with service lately, i would definitely try calling Matt instead of email.
  10. As soon as you attach the ignition wire to the batt you should hear the engine clicking and stuff. Did it do that?
  11. Do you have about 7 wires that are labeled? I out the vvel, fuel, 12v,ignition, starter on the positive side of batt and the rest on negative, as they should be labeled ground. I dont know if i threw any codes, but i didnt have my alternator hooked up so i wasnt able to rev up the engine.
  12. The engine has fired up and it runs great! Guess I was just over complicating things.
  13. Just got my harness back on the motor and it fits back as it should. Then got a fuel pressure regulator to get ot setup for a test run in the future. As for the hexagarage harness, I've been doing a lot of research on forum's and FSM on the vq37 engine. There are 5 wires on the sub harness that need hookup and 3 more that are just ground. The 5 wires are labled: VVEL 12v: which I assume is just straight to a 12v source sine it already has relay to it. Fuel relay: is this the trigger wire or a 12v activation? Do i have to wire in a relay to it? Ignition: I assume that this goes to the key switch. Battery: I assume this is straight to battery 12v with fuse. Starter: I assume this is the wire for the solenoid, so i have to wire a relay to it or it is one of the 3 on the sub harness. This probably doesn't help much, but it gives you a heads up on what the harness will be like.
  14. @Sanchez not yet, life getting in the way lol. I contacted matt and he recommended that i setup an appointment, but that's gonna mean more $$ to get the car there and for the help. On a side note, are you going to stiffen the chassis with stitch welds all around, I'm not sure if the work is worth it.
  15. Yeah that's what i thought it was for, but my harness was off an 2016 Z. The dealer didn't even know what i was talking about when i asked about it lol. I'll try to see if i can get confirmation with matt next week. Worst case scenario is that i have hexagarage wire the whole car up for me.
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