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  1. The engine has fired up and it runs great! Guess I was just over complicating things.
  2. Just got my harness back on the motor and it fits back as it should. Then got a fuel pressure regulator to get ot setup for a test run in the future. As for the hexagarage harness, I've been doing a lot of research on forum's and FSM on the vq37 engine. There are 5 wires on the sub harness that need hookup and 3 more that are just ground. The 5 wires are labled: VVEL 12v: which I assume is just straight to a 12v source sine it already has relay to it. Fuel relay: is this the trigger wire or a 12v activation? Do i have to wire in a relay to it?
  3. @Sanchez not yet, life getting in the way lol. I contacted matt and he recommended that i setup an appointment, but that's gonna mean more $$ to get the car there and for the help. On a side note, are you going to stiffen the chassis with stitch welds all around, I'm not sure if the work is worth it.
  4. Yeah that's what i thought it was for, but my harness was off an 2016 Z. The dealer didn't even know what i was talking about when i asked about it lol. I'll try to see if i can get confirmation with matt next week. Worst case scenario is that i have hexagarage wire the whole car up for me.
  5. Anybody know what a battery sensor is for? I cant find out where it would go. The factory manual doesn't even have it. When i search it up an nv100 van or altima shows up lol. I'm pretty sure i can run without it though.
  6. Some are 12v constant and switched positive. I just dont want to mess up any wires or worse the engine. Im in Sacramento area. You guys nearby?
  7. 3rd pic is the sub harness with all the labels. Im slightly stuck on them because im not sure if they all need to be fused or have a separate relay. Such as the fuel pump ground wire. If you guys have any thoughts let me know.
  8. Im bad at taking pics lol. The second picture is the more important part of the harness. It is the modified sub harness.
  9. Haven't tested harness yet, hopefully start to get down by end of this or next month. All i know about the vq37 is that it needs 51psi of fuel at the rail constantly, i could be wrong tho lol. There are 3 things you need to figure out when buying a fuel pump, 1) how much HP your engine will be, 2) what the fuel pressure the engine needs and, 3) voltage for the pump. The 255 is a bit overkill for the stock vq, but it gives room for mods later on . Should be able to handle at least 550 hp.
  10. I sent in just my engine harness, ecu , vvel module. They supplied me with the other necessary parts, like: sub harness for vvel, gas pedal, obd2 port. My wiring setup is a universal harness. I can drop the vq37 into whatever i please lol. As for fuel setup, i plan on running an external 255 walbro pump for now or cutting the tank to make an drop in pump. Later on in the build if i have the funds i would want zfevers aluminum tank with dual pumps.
  11. Well I've had some bumps along the road with my project. Haven't been able to work on it for months... i will get back into it this week and post up some pics of the harness i got from hexagarage. I believe its about 6 hookup points of wires and ready to go.
  12. I just took off my factory sound deadening and found a big hole in that area that the previous owner patched with fiberglass.... What guage you using? I have lots of 16Ga but figured it was overkill. Also juat got my wiring from hexagarage and the wiring seemed like it was done good lol. Will need to hook it all up to test 'er out.
  13. For the engine harness, you should check out HexaGarage. I've heard good things about them and am getting my harness from them. I compared the pricing with zfever, hexagarage is a lot cheaper.
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