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  1. Pretty much the only time it went north of 10.5 was at idle, right around 11.0. Idk maybe my brand new AEM wb reading is off but smell/plugs back it up. Car had JDM 2J 440s with a stock fpr, no tuning whatsoever on a JZA70 ECU. Distance/gas used from fill up to fill up put it right at 22.4 MPG. Was breaking in my clutch so pretty much zero boost. Unfortunately, my very first pull grenaded that R154 and I haven't driven it since so can't say how much worse it'd be with decent weather/ aggressive driving.
  2. Some of these gas mileage numbers have to be way off. The numbers you guys are throwing out are worse than. I get in my Supras, which weigh literally half s ton more. My 7M cars averaged 10-20 driving hard, 24-26 on the interstate typically. Current 1J car averaged 22, all city driving. 10.0-10.5 AFR everywhere in a full weight MK3 Supra. 6262/440cc injectors. I have seen several 1J Supras with standalones hugging close to 30MPG with conservative driving, I would think Zs could best that.
  3. I'd say either your homemade mbc crapped out or you have a boost leak somewhere.
  4. Bad ass car, but I can't see it hooking at all ever. lol
  5. Glad to hear this worked out for you. Any pics/vids of the completed project?
  6. Quin


    I'd like to see some numbers on this. There's no way a terminator motor weighs as much or is as big as a 460.
  7. Matter of opinion. I loved it, most people I let drive it thought the pedal was too stiff and it wasn't very street friendly. I had a 2800 or 3200lb pressure plate with it, though. Just takes a little bit of getting used to IMO.
  8. I loved my Spec Stage 3+ in my old Supra (R154 transmission). It held my 400ft/lbs all day with no issue.
  9. Or could take the car he already has and make it damn fast and maintain reliability?
  10. What turbo Supra injectors? The stock 440cc injectors from the MkIII or 555cc injectors from the MkIVs? If you want the stock 7M fuel rail from the MkIII, I can probably track you one down tonight. If you're junkyard hunting, the NA motor and the fuel rails from Cressidas from similar years are identical (all 7Ms have the same fuel rails).
  11. Doesn't look too much tighter than my 96 Cobra lol
  12. Quin


    I know this thread is kinda old, but I figured I'd throw some more info out there if anyone is considering it. The Mark VIIIs make nearly the same power out of the box as a 96-98 Cobra, the main difference being the method of controlling the IMRCs and lack of a forged crank. Cobra motors are also hand assembled, whereas Intechs (the name for the Lincoln 4Vs) are assembly line stuff. 99 and 01 Cobras make more power than the other NA 4Vs, excluding the 03-04 Mach 1s. Mark VIIIs can be had dirt cheap (I've seen whole cars selling for $500), Cobra motors are typically much more expensive. T45s wo
  13. Haven't been here in a while (congrats on getting her running, Josh!), just catching up on the thread and saw this. Originally, 7Ms were supposed to come with a head gasket made from a different material (asbestos IIRC). When the change was made, the old torque spec (54 ft/lbs) remained. The new gasket require 72 ft/lbs of torque. Thus, epic BHGs galore. Just your useless tidbit of information of the day... Several guys have made over 500rwhp for a good while on stock Toyota hgs and head bolts. As long as you keep them out of detonation they wont blow. Btw Josh, that is exactly the reason when
  14. You can do that on a domestic motor, imports go boom. My buddy and I adjusted timing on his Mustang by advancing it into detonation and then backing it down hair by hair until it wasn't doing it anymore. If I detonated ONE time in my Supra I'd blow the head gasket in a heart beat. See if someone you know has one you can use for an hour or two. Surely carbs cannot vary THAT much from one day to the next, just make sure you aren't running stupid lean during normal driving. I've seen AEM WBs with gauges sell for under $200 shipped on Supramania, maybe you could find one eBay or something?
  15. Without knowing what is going on, retarding it a little is safe, but if it's not detonating I'd say you're okay :dunno: keep it out of the high RPMs until you get it figured out for sure. Do you have a wideband available? I know this car used to be turbo, most modified turbo cars typically have one. Yes, you can change the springs out on 7Ms (most people do, or at the very least shim it). Running lean could be the reason you're running so dang hot, that radiator might be fine when your motor is running properly. Don't stress about that just yet.
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