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  1. I just installed Holley EFI analog gauges in my dash because I’m running the Holley terminator ECU. I really like the speedhut gauges but went with Holley because I can hook them straight to the ECU. Long story short the more I looked at them the more they look like speedhut and I did some digging and several Holley forum posts are saying they’re actually made by speedhut for Holley. Only thing I don’t like is the small gauges only come in 2 1/16 and of course the Holley logo. Anyway just thought I’d pass it along. *sorry if this has been discussed or if I’m in the wrong sub forum.
  2. http://nwga.craigslist.org/cto/4042508639.html looks a lot like this one listed on craigslist.
  3. Take some wire cutters and cut the straps off and you should be good to go.
  4. Very nice write up. I didn't know you were suppose to use the s12+8 caliper with the vented rotors. I just bolted up my fronts and I used the S12W's. Haven't bled everything out yet but it all bolted together perfectly so I guess it will still work.
  5. If so did the bearing come out with the axle or stay in place inside the hub. Everything I've read shows the bearing staying on the axle but I drove out two today with an air hammer and neither bearing moved at all. These are my donor axles that I'm going to have drilled and I was wondering if this is normal and will they just slide back into the bearing thats still in the hub?
  6. Well I picked up two new seals which are the flush seated type and installed both hubs. Both seam to drag a little but I'm thinking it's the seals and they'll wear in some as I drive it. Both appear to have the exact same offset as my wheel is probally 1/16" from the strut on both sides! Ezzzz that sounds like a great idea and probally will work better but I'm gonna try this out first and see how it does.
  7. I got each hub from a different source and they appear to be slightly different. The hub on the right had a seal with a lip and the one on the left used a seal that went flush with the edge, that seal appears to work on both hubs and the seal with a lip will not. Will I have any problems running these hubs on an s30 as far as offset and the hub seal are concerned?
  8. Thanks for the deal, and the fast shipping as well!
  9. I need the spacer that centers the rotor after installing 5 lug z31 hubs on a 260z. Can it be purchased and if so from where?
  10. I'd be interested to know as well. Or better yet are there any sources to buy them from. I'll probally end up mocking up my brakes with washers to get an idea of a spacer size though.
  11. I bet that storm drain would make a nice oil change pit!
  12. Well I feel like my eyes are bleeding and I'm about an hour past my bedtime but I've found an easy solution to my clutch hose blues. I found one post from 2003 with a nice picture and a reference to an off the shelf XRP -3 hose. After searching online I found out that Russell sells a -3 coupling just like the Mcleod -4 version. Except it's $20 for 2!! And XRP has -3 hoses at any length with 90' on one side and straight on the other for about $20. So for what it costs me for the Mcleod fitting I can have the hose and all with no headache! Here's some part numbers: Russell fitting 640281 XRP hose 639024
  13. Yea the 153 tooth flywheels all use the straight pattern where all other sbc's use a diagonal pattern. I thought all of the 3rd gen camaro's used a 153 tooth which would mean that an 84 should work according to JTR.
  14. The jtr book says any LT1 starter will work. But it also said that v8 starters from the 80's camaros would work. Was the 84 starter you have wrong for the flywheel or just didn't fit the car?
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