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  1. my transmission is roughly the same height as my engine cross member with the JCI engine mounts
  2. they make plugs for AN fittings for male and female, you should be able to get some anywhere they sell hydraulic lines and fittings. only like $2. might be referred to as jic plugs.
  3. ls2 with t56. $6500stroker kit. $2600 cam, springs, chain, oil pump, lifter, trunion upgrade, gaskets. $2200 fast lsxr. $850 ported heads. $400 Tune $400 T56 rebuild. $1200 mcleod RXT $1200 master cylinder $80 Slave cylinder $80 Driveshaft $200 B&M shifter $200 corvette ls3 oil pan $300 wiring harness(done by me) $50 LS3 injectors $350 fuel cell with intank pump $900 fuel line $200 fuel filter $150 fuel regulator $200 fuel rails $200 Intake piping $160 Radiator with fans $300 Speedhut gauges with wideband $1200 Oil cooler $350 exhaust $400 I have around $20000 in mine could i have done it cheaper? yeah a lot cheaper, but i bought all new and didn't care much to wait for deals and i overkilled things but my setup is safe to handle a lot more power, you can boost a 5.3l truck engine a lot cheaper than what i have in mine but thats not what i wanted at the time. built it the way i wanted with the parts i wanted.
  4. The cost will totally depend on how much time you want to spend finding the right deals on used parts, if you are in no rush a swap can be done fairly cheap if you're willing to wait for deals to pop up. when i did my swap i bought everything new except for the motor and transmission but i ended up rebuilding both. My swap was way more than $3500 but i have an ls2 with a strocker cam intake ported heads, fuel cell, aluminium radiator, custom tune, rebuilt t56, bought my mounts from jci, sanderson headers. My setup is made to handle more power than i have now so i have room to grow if ever i want to. questions you need to ask yourself: Do you want an aluminium block or iron block? Do you want a 6 speed, 5 speed or automatic? Do you want to upgrade you cooling system? Are you going to tune the engine yourself or get a tuner? is your fueling system good enough? are you going to build your own mounts or get a kit? are you going to rewire your harness yourself or get it done? new driveshaft or shortened one? drive by wire or drive by cable? are you going to sell your old setup? you have a running setup right now, if you wanna go ls i would suggest you get all the parts you need before taking your car apart over the course of a year i'm sure you could find good deals on any of those items. If you peace your swap together over the course of a year you might free more funds for the swap too. it's easier on the pocket book.
  5. How much taller does the Fast 102 and Nick Williams throttle body sit vs the stock intake manifold and throttle body. Any hood clearance issues? Is there room for a strut brace to be made?
  6. I measured 40" even on top of the frame rail from the firewall to the radiator support. Hope this helps. Justin
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