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  1. Sorry if this is a silly question but i feel like it wasn't expliciyly explained in the wiring advice above. So as far as the EFI relay goes for our Z's, we basically just get a 30 amp relay and wire pin 24 to trigger the relay and wire pins 31,32, and f6 to be powered by the relay correct?
  2. Hey so I am trying to get a new ignitor for my motor since the motor did not come with it. I am wondering if anyone knows if there is any difference between the JDM Aristo Ignitor and the USDM Supra ignitor? From my searches I can only find used ignitors on eBay for the aristos and I would prefer to stick with new factory parts. Does anyone know the right part number for an ignitor for an aristo 2jzgte VVTI?
  3. That was a great read. Thanks! I also just visited your site and it seems you also have a nice option for headlights.
  4. How was the brightness when you installed them on your jeep?
  5. Kinda has a Rocket Bunny feel to it. I like it! Lol, What size wheels and tires are in that pic?
  6. What kind of exhaust were you running?
  7. I am ready to buy one right now..... Lol
  8. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience using LED headlights on their datsuns? I was thinking about trying something like the Truck-Lite brand 7" round led headlight they make for jeeps. It has a standard H4 connector. Has anyone had good/bad experience?
  9. I am curious how long it will take before these start to become available. You say $400 is aprox where you are hoping to sell for? I had started the process of swapping a 2jz into my datsun however I have been waayy too tied up in work and no longer have time to work on it and if I can just shell out some money and cut out a large time consuming portion then so be it eh? Lol
  10. I was wondering a similar thing. I've started the process of doing this swap and I've been documenting all of my costs in getting the swap running in stock condition. Hopefully if time allows in the next few months I'll have a price list for a stock 2jz swapped datsun.
  11. Gotcha. Cool lol I would rather over think it and make sure it's safe than go blindly and ruin something. Thanks
  12. So from what I have been seeing on here it looks like most people just switch to single turbos. Im wondering if anyone has experience keeping the stock twin turbos and what size downpipe you are running. The stock output flange for the aristo is 2.5" and I have heard that if you go any bigger it will drop the backpressure and overboost. Has anyone experienced this? I would hate to have to run a 2.5" exhaust to be safe to only have to replace the whole exhaust a few years down the road. And if it is safe to run 3" I was thinking about removing the stock collector and making my own so that the exhaust would be a true 3" and not restrict down to 2.5". If anyone has any info I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  13. Oh gotcha, are there any axles that can handle being lowered that much? Or is that why you are going to swap to the s13 rear end?
  14. Wow. Why so many broken drivetrain parts? Isn't the r200 supposed to be pretty beefy? You have wheel hop issues?
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