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  1. Still trying to find a decent body shell. That's all I need, but will buy a complete car. I have a kit car conversion and all the pieces I need to put one together,but my two cars are rusty, and I don't want to weld one back together. I am in the MIdwess, Hopkinsville,KY 270 886 7933 Hope one is close to me. Hauling is expensive. Oh, no title needed either, as I have two. ron
  2. I am looking for help and advice on this swap. If somebody has lived through this, they know what the big issues are. I already have the engine/tranny,and two cars. I will do the search too, but really need advice first hand. Thanks. If you have a thread on this already, just let me know. ron
  3. I have a 78 280 two seater, and I think the tank is OK, but would not swear to it, anyway, shipping will be a *****. I am in Western Kentucky
  4. I am in the same boat right now, and have been searching for some answers myself. I have an LT-1 and a T-56 that I pulled from a strong-running Pontiac trans am 1994, and would like to put it in my 73 or 78. Lots of people recommend the 280 because it is supposed to be stronger structurally. But, here's the real question; what about mounts for the new engine? make 'em or try to buy 'em? Do any of you have first-hand experience at this,and I have questions on the injection hookup too. thanks. Are there archives on this?
  5. I have a couple and I am in Western Kentucky. Let me know if you need 'em.
  6. I think he is right on the 75 to 78 dished pistons, as they lowered the compression to 8.3=l, about the same as the turbo setup. Check with zcar garage. they know it all.
  7. jagster

    aluminun drums

    I have a pair too off my 73 240, and I redid my rear brakes with 240SX discs. You can have them cheap, but the shipping cost will suck. I am in western Kentucky. let me know.
  8. I have a set of wheels on my 73 240Z and they were made by Weld wheel, which is part of American Racing. They are unique, in that the center cap that hides the bolts/lugs is large and it screws on. Has a hex-looking head and you can put it on with a wrench. Anyway, Ihave looked everywhere,and they are not to be found. Ican send a pix if you will send me an email address. I would like to keep them, but two of them have dents in the rims, but hold air. They are 16 X 7 inch. Any and all help really appreciated. thanks.
  9. I have made the swap to early carbs so many times I have lost count on 260Z's. The flat tops are junk, period. OK, if originality is important,then play with them ad nauseum,but to be able to reliably drive the car,then the early carbs are the way to go. The original knockoffs of the famous SU carb are bone simple and really make a difference.
  10. Does anyone have any of these yellow-painted springs lying around? I have the two fronts and the KYB shocks that came with the springs. The seller went to coil-overs on his drag race car and sold these to me. I have checked around, and some sources said they were no longer made. So, I am asking here if anyone has any of these springs for the rear. I can get the shocks, no problem. Thanks for the help.
  11. I have a 73 Z and it has some 16 inch wheels that were made by Weld Racing. Interesting in that they have those center-screw on caps. Two are bent, but hold air OK, but I would like to find a pair, or 4 more if possible. They have 8 bolt holes in two sizes. They are a perfect fit, and I like 'em. ANy and all help and advice greatly appreciated.
  12. My z car came with 16 X 7, Weld wheels with the screw-on center caps and two of the wheels have bends in the rims. I have searched everywhere for two replacements, or a whole set, but nothing has surfaced. I really like them, and have never seen them on a Z before. If you email me an address, I can send a pix. Thanks. Ron
  13. I am trying to find a pair of the yellow painted springs for a 240Z for the rear struts. My front set came with KYB shocks, if that helps. I think the company that used to sell them was TURN SIX, and was told they were out of business, I have seen them many times on Z-cars in the past, but can't seem to find any now. Any and all help greatly appreciated. My email is jagster911@bellsouth.net Thanks. Phone: 270 886 7933
  14. not exactly like those, but for a while, one of the aftermarket fiberglass people here was making a very nice rear taillight section that had twin round lights and gave a Ferrari look. I sure would like to find out if anyone still makes that piece.
  15. Wow! I can't believe you are up in Gurnee, Il. My brother lived up there for years. I am from the Chicago area myself, and am a certified car nut, having owned more cars than most families would own in a lifetime. I have been into Jaguars forever, had 3 Aston Martins,and the rest is way too many to count. I have always admired the 250GTO since it came out,and watched a number of them race. The other Ferrari I admire, perhaps moreso, is the 250 GT Berlinetta, and sure wish someone would consider doing a kit for that model. It was a short wheelbase car. I hope you get this memo, and give
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