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  1. A friend of mine recently came out with a new product and I was going to create a post about it however the button is grayed out and will not let me create a new topic. Are there requirements that I don't meet to post in that sub category? thanks!
  2. How do I create a post!? Help it won't let me!

  3. Thanks guys, I am still in the body work stage so I have a few more weeks I can wait. I'll keep you all updated!
  4. Hello everyone. I know that a lot of you have ordered parts from Mckinney and received them but I seem to be having troubles communicating with their staff. I ordered 4,000 worth of parts over three months ago and they just emailed me today for the third time asking about my engine type, drivetrain info, car info etc. I have sent over 3-4 times the requested info to different emails from different emails to make sure they received the information and they have never confirmed it. Has anyone been scammed by the company? What should I do? I tried calling a few times and they never picked up eith
  5. Just bought this exact thing from you guys three weeks ago, rats!
  6. This thread is amazing, so much to learn!
  7. 240z with a rb25, I am piecing together one from aeromotive
  8. Hey guys, I was wondering how you all wired up your fuel injection systems. Did you get a painless wiring harness or some other sort of harness, or did you make the adaptations yourself? THanks!
  9. Thank you everyone so much for the help! I was able to figure it out with the harness, diagram and your knowledge. Most forums treat people who are still learning like idiots and tell them to get lost, you guys always help!
  10. @kerristallax I am looking for a diagram on how to run it basically. it is a 1973 240z that had nothing in it at all. The previous owner pulled out the gas tank and all lines etc and it has left me confused. Thanks!
  11. I have the same set, waiting for car to get back from paint before installing though!
  12. I started with a rolling chasis and about to drop in a rb25 series one engine. I bought a fuel cell, aeromotive 1000 fuel pump, aeromotive adj fuel pump controller, aeromotive fuel filter surge tank, and am looking at lines. I am a hs student doing a first build and trying to figure out everything on my own, and would like a little help what else do I need, anyone recommend certain products, types of lines ect? Or a diagram most commonly used? Everything is -6an by the way. Thanks!
  13. I got a scrap 240z body for 3300, only one avaliable within 2000 miles of Chicago. I say 500 is an amazing deal for a car that is running and is in alright shape!
  14. You have been doing this build for 8 years, and I spent only an hour reading it all. I only wish one day mine can be as amazing as yours.
  15. I purchased one after seeing someone in the rb build section use one. I have a 73 fuel tank that needs a major overhaul and figured the atl wheel well cell would be easier. Hopefully putting it in in the next month.
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