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  1. Let me know what specs you need on the driveshaft and I'll save you some money from the website price. ricky@rawbrokerage.com Lee, expect a back order on any carbon shaft since most of those tubes are on back order.
  2. If we had someone to dedicate their car for fitment and R&D then yes, I'm sure we can get those rolling. If anyone is willing, shoot me an email, ricky@rawbrokerage.com
  3. Sorry for the lack of response; not that active on here anymore. Give me a call at the shop (407) 538-0098 and I'll get whatever you need sorted out. Thanks, Ricky
  4. 05plsrt4, just replied to your PM. The main advantage is that our manifolds are designed to fit in a S30 chassis. Whereas those offered from Full-Race do not. Our manifolds also do have the billet turbo collector which allows IDENTICAL runner transition into the turbo and of a stronger construction.
  5. Hey Ian, shoot me an email directly at ricky@rawbrokerage.com Thanks!
  6. The AWD blocks do not have the provision for those prices as they relay on the cast oil pan to complete the "bolt up" to the oil pan. Where as the RWD RB blocks have the bolt holes and clearance for those brackets with use with a RWD pan. We have those braces but I doubt you'll find much use with them on your current setup without modifying them some how.
  7. Just a heads up you guys... ONLY 1 AVAILABLE: AEM EMS S2 for a RB20DET RB25DET RB26DETT (Not R34 models) at a super discounted price! Use coupon code: ONEAEM7 at checkout to get $300 off. http://www.rawbrokerage.com/aem-30-6620-ems-series-2-for-nissan-skyline-rb20-rb25-rb26/
  8. We specialize in RB motors and can supply you with a motorset. www.rawbrokerage.com info@rawbrokerage.com
  9. You'll want to use a clutch that matches your transmission. If you're using a R33 RB25DET transmission you'll need a push-type: http://www.rawbrokerage.com/spec-super-twin-clutch-rb20-rb25-rb26-push-type/ If you're using a R34 RB25DET NEO transmission you'll need a pull-type: http://www.rawbrokerage.com/spec-super-twin-clutch-rb25-rb26-pull-type/ Hope that helps! Let me know if you need something sent your way.
  10. We're planning to continue to twin manifolds however, we have an endless list of products and projects going on. one being a near $100k Datsun build
  11. Eek, sorry to hear about that. If you can send a copy of the email to info@rawbrokerage.com I'll keep a look out for it. Thanks!
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