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  1. It’s great to hear someone say more than “just go with an L28” about the L24! Thank both of you guys for the suggestions, I’ll try to remember to keep this updated with what I end up doing to this engine. I think I’m just going to get whatever I can out of this E88 unless I find an MN47 before I get to doing the head work. Datsun parts are hard to come by in my area, which is why I ended up buying two cars to make one.
  2. I already have a very mild rebuilt 12/72 L24 with flat top .040 overbore pistons, with a ported E88 and stock cam in my car, I'm doing this engine since I had it sitting in the back of my garage collecting dust. I'm by no means an expert, but I'd like to have some fun with this build just to take advantage of the machine work being "free". I've heard of doing a maxima head, when I first got bitten by the S30 bug, I'd never given it much thought though. Might be able to find one locally. This is my 3rd time taking an L6 down to bare block and going through the whole thing myself, measurements a
  3. I've been lurking on forums recently and have found a lot of info already, I've looked at quite a few of your posts actually! I'm really looking for some more info on cams and what all could be done with the combo I have. I saw that a shop in VA is using N42 heads and making the combustion chamber into a heart shape, would that be worth attempting with my E88? I was looking at the cam kit on zcarparts.com with the 10-2006 cam but I hesitate to pull the trigger on that after reading, possibly a bit too much, about Schneider cams on multiple forums. I plan on shaving the head as much as pos
  4. I have a spare L24 out of one of my 73 240's I'm looking to build up a bit. I'm currently attending an automotive school and I have access to pretty well equipped machine shop. My idea here is to find out I can do with my E88 and the L24 bottom end, possibly different pistons if they're necessary. I plan on utilizing ARP hardware throughout the engine. I have a 4bbl and azc intake mani laying around, as well as dual downdraft webers...I'm strongly considering ditching both of these setups to fund a set of triples for this engine. I'm pretty much just looking to see what kind of power and rpm I
  5. I am looking into purchasing a set of 16x8 Enkei Compe wheels for my 73 240z. If you have them on a S30 please post pictures of your car! The picture below is not my car but this is the only picture that I can find.
  6. I have the how to rebuild your Datsun OHC motor. I will probably be ordering the other 2 books/manuals (how to modify and how to restore). Thanks for all of the help and tips I will definetly be coming back for more answers, as I am sure I will have more questions being a newbie haha I have a lot to learn. -Josh
  7. Yes I know that the tune is most important but we are COMPLETELY new to the L6's (used to working on mopars but I like backroads and he prefers being loud and going straight lol). I hope to have it running by spring. Thanks for all of the help guys. -Josh
  8. Thats what I was afraid of. I would've liked to stick with doing head work and going to triples or rebuilding the factory carbs. My dad decided (like many muscle car guys) that there is no replacement for displacement when the engine needed to be rebuilt (sat for 18 years) and also that the "side draft carbs are junk"-My dad. He made the decision to just do a factory rebuild of the head, which I knew was the wrong decision for more power. Any suggestions for mods to make down the road. I am 14 so I have time to get stuff for the car. http://www.zcarsource.com/engine-kit-master-240z-260z-70-7
  9. Ok, my dad and I are about to put together my motor for my 73 240z and we have no clue how much power this motor will make. The head is rebuilt to stock its a 1973 E88 head. We have the Z Car Source master rebuild kit with .040 over flat top pistons, the pistons dont work with the head so we are having valve reliefs cut...we found this issue once we had the pistons and most internal in, check the clearance with #1 at TDC and the valves are coming in contact with the piston. Mods are; over bore(.040), header and AZC 4 barrel manifold/Holley 390. Any guess on horsepower at the crank would be gre
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