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  1. I will go home today and check my interior metal any rust ect?

  2. i am excited to watch your build
  3. I know that there are not much z32's on here. but i thought that i would share my dyno results. i was happy. This is with 18 psi of boost. 100 octane. Almost 440whp
  4. i might have that one. is it the urethane one from msa?
  5. i have the top one, brand new, never installed. if interested, shoot me a pm.
  6. i should have all the pieces needed. pm me if interested
  7. i have some. not sure what brand. pm me if interested
  8. i have a stock mc and a 15/16 mc plus a 72 240z brake booster. pm me if interested
  9. i agree. i give them 2 weeks to give me info and a month before i file a claim.
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