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  1. Personally I think a cheaper more effective route would be to use an m52 block and swap internals(m54 internals). You can find these motors at pull a parts type places for cheap. Just my 2 cents.
  2. So I ended up going with the cx racing one, only a couple minor issues ill have to resolve to fix their pan so far... One the drain plug isnt the correct size for the threads they tapped it as, the second thing is the "hole-y" section looks like it was drilled rapidly and not fully cleaned of all its burrs, the last thing would be that the oil pan pickup is a little too steep of an angle so i have to bend it a little to have it fit in the stock rb26 oil pickup location. Was it worth the 471$? Sure. It takes a lot of the time out of making a pan, and isnt too bad for the minor work i have to do
  3. Thanks! And yeah i was thinking the cutting and welding approach myself at one point but the 26 pan is cast alum. Glad to see others still using the forums! Thanks for the email Jboogs. Ill try to start documenting my work so far. So it could possibly be some use to yall.
  4. Anyone still making custom oil pans and pickups for rb25/26 engines?? I've tried contacting pat1 but no response for months.
  5. Pat I am not too far from you in georgia, doing an rb26dett build I would like to get a pan made if you're still doing them!
  6. Hey Pat,

    My name is Chris, I've seen your threads and seen that you do custom pans for rb's and such, seen that you have done both sides of the swap, rb and jz. I was curious to which one you personally preferred over the other since you've done both. I think I may have seen your old Z on craigslist not too long ago, I'm from Douglasville, GA. I bought an r154 a while ago because I thought I got it for a reasonable price but after going to a few car meets i've realized I can get a rb25 for roughly the same price in the end, and be able to make about the same power goals I want for my Z.

  7. Hey I need to source some parts for my Z, its a 76 280z , Im looking for a right headlight bucket and a hood without vents, and a grill. I recently wrecked, and need to source these parts to get my Z back to its glorious status.
  8. Hello, I own a 76 280z which is all bone stock, and the clutch is starting to really slip, almost undriveable, and a friend of mine offered me, his used clutch which is almost new, the reason being hes going to be making about 600-700 hp on his ls1 swapped 300z. But he offered me to have his old clutch because he just ordered a new racing clutch for his car, which was about 1700-2000$ and I was just wondering if a RB25 clutch would fit with the L28 transmission?? Thanks in advance.
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