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  1. The free version of Avast has been going strong for me for about three years and counting.
  2. http://www2.panasonic.com/consumer-electronics/shop/Cameras-Camcorders/Digital-Cameras/Lumix-Digital-Interchangeable-Lens-Cameras/model.DMC-L10K_11002_7000000000000005702 My personal pref...
  3. But then it isn't a four door E46 M3, now is it? He says he did because of insurance costs, but I'm pretty sure he had other intentions in mind. Coming from an E46 sedan owner, I think it is kick ass, and if I had his $ and his friends, I would have done the same...
  4. http://forum.e46fana...=578901&page=46
  5. Do you really have a swap manual!?! That would be way cool, not that I am planning a swap, but it would be awesome to just read through that thing. EDIT: Got way tooo excited about the S52 into Z swap that I didn't even read the post correctly! +1 what he said!
  6. "With L28's being able to rev to 9000+, and a destroked 2.5L (L20A Crank) being even more revable, along with a larger bore for better valve unshrouding and high rpm breathing...." L20A not so easy to get in the states...I personally have never stumbled across one as easily as a L24 crank. Once again, R/S ratio...no answers on that front....incomplete theoretical arguments are what I am trying to have answered... Some info on what I was reading when I first posed the questions. http://forums.nasioc...ad.php?t=424283 http://www.stahlhead...od%20Length.htm Another question
  7. Are those Appliance wheels?
  8. Way better rod/stroke ratio which may or may not lead to less detonation. (Probably not true, but read an incomplete argument on this site about the possibility of it lowering detonation) Not saying that it is the holy grail here, just saying that I wouldn't just think of it as a crap idea. With all of these LD cranks being pried out of these block, using them for their extra deck height might be good. If anything else you can still build another L28 with a better r/s ratio. Like you have said before, it has all been done, I just wanted to know why it isn't more popular.
  9. I posted this in another thread...I still believe that it would be amazing high revver. LD28 Block L24 Crank N47 Head Z20E Rods L28 Flat Tops 1mm Head Gasket Rod/Stroke Ratio:2.069 Bore/Stroke Ratio:0.857 Static Compression: 9.471 With a displacement of 2.569L and 0.000 Deck clearance. Might be good for a high revving option.
  10. The top itself doesn't look very good, but wow, the body lines just seem to pop on this drop top. This is not my AD, just wanted to show you guys this nice Z. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/AWESOME-1-KIND-1976-DATSUN-280Z-ROADSTER-351-V8-/120571851368?cmd=ViewItem&pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item1c12a47268
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