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  1. Mine did the same thing and I switched to a 2 way switch because my hi beam selector still works, that and a 3 way toggle doesn't work with the missile covers.
  2. I just installed some Speedhut Gauges myself. I just spliced into the existing wires and tapped into the wire from the key that goes hot. I don't recall that color because I really tapped into my wire that is running to my radio that is connected to the ignition wire. The only weird thing so far is since I have the headlight relay installed, the high beam light comes on when I have the low beams on. Happened occasionally on the stock speedo too.
  3. Thank you, As for the seats, I looked and I don't have any pictures. What I did was grind of the mounting legs of the 350z seats and grind the paint off. Then I welded some flat metal plates to the existing 350z sliders to make the mount holes in the car line up with my new brackets. Then I used 2 of the black seat risers from the 240z seats on each of the rear bolts to make the slider clear the floor brace and that is it. It turned out to be easier than I thought and I can take some pictures tomorrow if you'd like if my description isn't clear enough. As for the VQ, I have read your primer and I wish I had read it before I bought the VQ but I got a smoking deal and it's such a cool swap but I'll definitely be consulting it as I dig into the swap.
  4. Thank You, Took a lot of nights to get there. The air dam I purchased is this one form MSA (The Z Store) http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic02a01b/50-1612 Mine looks a tiny bit different because I do not have the turn signals in their stock location. Mine are round ones relocated behind the grill.
  5. ##Post has been updated with glorious hi res images, enjoy## Over the course of the last 5 months after basically shutting everything down in life except work and the Z. I have saved a 240z from wanting to being a wannabe 280z and made her better than ever. I hope you guys enjoy her half as much as I do, Photographic evidence follows. The Start with her 280z body kit on it The Teardown Pulling the sunroof was one of the first things I did I cut out the bumper mounts as I am clean shaving the roll pan The floorpans were a disaster The Bodywork (and there was lots of it) Mocking up the new Airdam Mocking up the custom Fairlady inspired grill I removed and filled all the side markers and the antenna Filled the nasty aftermarket sunroof The Grand Finale She is now a Nissan as I don't like sub-brands and Nissan is what it is. I purchased the MSA white gauge kit 350z Seats I scored from craigslist for a hundred bucks For the future, a shiny VQ35DE from a G35 And that is my Z, Thanks for looking and if you have any questions, Feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer.
  6. Wiring of the turn signal switches, Now that is a special kind of Hell. Who thought it was a good idea to run everything through the effing hazard switch including the brake lights!?!?! I just finished rewiring my entire tail light panel, tempted to just rewire damn near everything. For a grill you could do what I did and go Fairlady style, I made it for about 50 bucks and run no bumper. Good luck with the move.
  7. Nice Z fastfloyd. Good luck getting her back together this week. I've been saying another day or two on mine for the last 2 weeks.
  8. I am no expert as I just acquired my first Z 5 months ago but I believe the only difference between the coup and the 2+2 should be in the rear of the car. In front of the doors should be the same. It wouldn't make sense to have them be that different.
  9. A few shots of my baby fresh out of the paint booth last weekend My custom made, Fairlady Z inspired grill. Cost me about 50 bucks.
  10. I think you should paint the air dam white, not a fan of mismatched body panels but this is only my opinion. Mine had a body kit off a 280z fiberglassed onto it, no bolts, just fiberglass don't ask me why. Underneath a rotten frame rail, floor pans that were gone, both quarters had been replaced along with the rear rollpan, and a rocker panel that had been patched with 4 tack welds and scrap metal. And I thought I could do everything in 2 months......5 months later and a hell of a lot of bondo, I'll finish this weekend until I figure out how to drop the VQ35 motor out of a G35 I have in.
  11. The Z looks really good. I must say that I wasn't a big fan of the white car, black accents when you posted about it but those pictures look really good. You also have done quite a bit more extensive of a restoration than I am doing (and you yourself set out to do).
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