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  1. I'm looking for an OEM Hitachi radio for my '74 260z. I am hoping for something from that year or possibly through '77. Not sure when they changed it up for the 280z. I'm interested in looking at any decent, working OEM Datsun Z radio. Thanks!
  2. Looks like a solid candidate. I'm guessing no rain anytime soon? I hear most of Sacremento's rain falls in the winter.
  3. Yes, congrats on the baby boy. Run constant video and pics of the critter, lot's of "firsts" are on the way. What is this spray bar you're talking about? I'm pretty iffy on my OEM as well. When I first pulled the valve cover off, one of the bar ends was laying on the head. EDIT: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/102501-spray-bar-mia/page-2
  4. Someone had a rubber-band fetish. Yes, supposed to be 72º to 77º in central OK this weeked. Great time to work on the Z's.
  5. The bits are cleaning up great. Sidenote: Are you a photographer? Some of these shots are looking real filtery.
  6. That's a great starting point, looking forward to this one.
  7. TheSaturnV

    260z R200 Swap

    Gathering parts for R200 and 5spd swap
  8. Reminder of how GodAwful 280z bumpers are. Lookin' great!
  9. Old plastic modeling trick: Get a bright flashlight and lay it on the floor and rotate it around like radar. It shows up small parts you can't see while looking straight down. My other trick is to just quit looking and start cleaning up the shop/tools/etc. Find all kinds of crap like that.
  10. What I've read and experienced, is that sand blasting in particular "work hardens" metal. Won't be an issue on a suspension piece, but it's not recommended for body panels. Other media like soda or pecan shells may be a different story.
  11. Tons of pics, video with narration and Ziploc bags w/ index cards and Sharpies are your friends. Put like-assembly fasteners together in their own bags w/ plenty of notes about where they go, if they were stripped-broken-missing. Also, a cheap plastic hobby cabinet will do wonders to keep track of it all.
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