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  1. But it owns me, if you know what I mean. amen yadidimean..
  2. The only time that would make sense to me is if you get a super deal on a car or engine/trans combo thats been in a engine fire or something and the harness is shot. doing a carb conversion would be my route then.
  3. I got mine at the vw dealership. I just said old school vw welting and they brought me the right stuff.
  4. They should bolt right on. I used a rubber welting from vw to make them go a little bit more flush. Its too bad I sold my 1st gen last week though. Gas prices vs. the rotary, the rotary lost.... Im sticking to the B series.....
  5. Ive done that conversion to three 280z cars right already, I can say its pretty easy. For the rear, the 260z brackets and a 240z or early 260z bumper will bolt right up, after you get rid of the rear bump supports or saw them off, I usually saw them off. For the front you have to drop the front bumper supports and fab up some L bracket looking brackets. Drill the body side of the brackets to bolt up where the 280z bumper supports go, and use the 280z bolts to bolt them up.
  6. Im a nissan nerd too, used to be a z nerd, but im concentrating on 80-early 90s cars now, i must have it all, comfort and power. Only one I like is the 240sx because it lighter and easy to work on and get parts for, and if you do conversions, its usually only one turbo:) some japanese silvias have the four piston brakes in the iron version as well. I would use either one, piston area is the same so is rotor.
  7. at 17k alex, your best bet is to get it driving before you sell it at least. when I get back to the USA, plan is to get my b16a crx si rolling daily and find me a 91-3 240sx and do a nice generic sr swap. race you in either one buddy.....
  8. I swapped a set of those "junky" z32 calipers and rotors to a s13 more than once, and they STOP... as for early z car, the vented four piston is about the same and its pretty easy, but those suckers bolt onto on a s13 just need to get the four lug rotor from brembo or drill the stock z32...
  9. Im doing the gsl se front suspension conversion soon, converts them all to 4x4.5. So far so good with the rotary car, just wish it had some power. Im going to learn how to full throttle the altamont drift course before I start with the power though. My friends (drift instructors and rx7 freaks) insist that I learn to drive the 12a car like a maniac before I upgrade hp. I said OK.
  10. jump the fuel pump with a long wire hooked up to battery +, if it doesnt come on, odds are its the fuel pump. fuel relay+efi relay is located under the dash and goes out sometimes. Could be as easy as a fuel pump. clean the lead to starter solenoid, if its cranking but with a small delay could be corrosion, just pull off the lead and put it back on again and see if cranking gets any better. Check battery voltage while cranking, if its under 9v car wont start. Do the running lights and start circuits work ok? With the fusible links, I usually use pliers and I crush them of
  11. Id like to get a set for my Rx7. I got a s4 t2 setup coming for it, Hell yeah...
  12. I got mad and went to the junkyard and just started pulling slaves off nissan cars from 80s. There was a z in the yard so I kept bolting them up the z trans and made sure it worked. Check the bore size it should be stamped on the side of the slave, go to the yard and find one size smaller or even more smaller. Grab a few of them, and try them on your car, write down the name and year of the car, when one of them works, you can either go to the parts store and buy a new one of that size, or get your roll on. I chose the later and the slave hasnt broken yet, its been about a year and a half now.
  13. you could try using a smaller slave cylinder, had the same issue of blowing up slave cylinders and going smaller on the slave solved it.
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