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  1. Aziza has some parts from Zarah so looks like Zarah's spirit lives on forever lol! Congrats Matt. "Sigh" I miss Z cars.
  2. 8.5:1 is not the stock compression for an l28et. Its is quite lower actually. I can't remember exact compression but search it out you'll find it.
  3. Well you probably found in your search that an l28et is an extemely daunting task that for the most part is pretty much undocumented. In fact I may be one of 2 or 3 that has swapped one into an s30 in all North America, maybe the world. This is mainly due to the extreme knowledge of fabrication required. I swapped in an l28et in a few hours, but I am considered somewhat a scientist in this community. You may want to try something simpler and cheaper for a first swap like a 13b rotatary, 2JZ, VG30dett, or if you're really on a budget, you might settle for an RB26, but be sure to swap in the full awd drivetrain to keep things simple. Hope this helps
  4. KTM is Performance Technique in San Bernardino? If so, I had them port my turbo, a few years back and they were really great to deal with.
  5. Haven't posted on the boards much since I wrecked my Z, but I'm always here dreaming. Anyway, for anyone who likes rock music, my band will be playing a set at "The Gig" next Thurs at 11:30pm in Hollywood. You can hear some of our songs at http://myspace.com/losingfaye. We'll be playing new original tunes. Kinda Incubus meets Foo Fighters. Come out and support and maybe I'll make it in the biz and afford a new project
  6. Check out the Maradyne fans. I used the 16 on my stroker turbo, and it worked quite well. I don't remember the exact dimensions, but it was quite a bit thinner than MSA's, pulled much more CFM, and was a lot cheaper.
  7. Maybe Einstein had years of not getting laid to make up for, and was too busy to invent anything else inbetween time.
  8. I daily drove two z's and the only thing that really got me was the exhaust smell. Once I tried to become the fasted z on the block is when I ran into reliability problems. I think if I had been a little more wise I would have put the money into an AC system and would've been happy. I think a nice v8 z with AC or a 200hp L with AC and a stereo would make a fine daily driver. I don't mind the stiff suspension. In fact I miss it.
  9. I suppose this should be in the turbo section but here's the number to the guys that rebuilt my turbo. They really know their stuff. 909-824-1020. I don't remember the name but they are in San Bernardino CA.
  10. I noticed a few other auctions with that "no dent, scratches, or problems" line verbatim. All of them were deals that seemed too good to be true. I figured it might be some sort of scam.
  11. I think I'd be happy with 16-20. From what I've read, the fury's usually pack a 318 or 383. I really don't want/need a lot of muscle, just a good cruise. I'd really love to have a camaro, but those command a pretty high price. I haven't seen any good mopar forums on par with this one. I'll keep looking. Nice camaro btw. Do you drive it daily?
  12. Hey guys, I've been wanting another Z since I crashed mine, but have come to realize that I'm not going to find one as badass as mine was for under 15k. My new interest is in old convertibles, specifically the plymouth fury. http://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/carsforsale/plymouth/fury/360027.html These seem to go for a pretty good price. What's the best mileage I could pull from one of these babies? Are they pretty reliable? I suppose I should find a fury forum but, Hell I just miss posting here!
  13. I know how you feel. When I wrecked my Z, I had to make a decision to try and rebuild or part it out. Now that I'm pass the emotion, wrecking my Z was one of the best things that happened to me. I was able to pay off all my credit cards for the first time in 5 years, buy another reliable car, move to L.A, and get a move on my career. Although I cherish all the times building the car and the meets, I now realize that my hobby had taken over my life. Not to mention the fumes were killing me. I'll get another Z someday. Hopefully within the next 3-4 years, but not until I can really afford it debt free. I'm sure you will too.
  14. Yes looks extremely familiar Glad to see it all coming together. Your 350 goal is extremely conservative.
  15. Theres a person name grace who keeps emailing me about trying to buy my doors and paying 2k for the shipping company to send it to Holland or something. I figured the scam was to get me to cash it and give them the money right away. I was going to try and deposit and wait ti'll it clears before doing anything. Guess I'll just tell them to piss off so I don't get into any trouble.
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