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  1. Lots has been to the Z. It has received big brakes up front to replace the small rusty originals, and in the never ending effort to figure out why it will not go to redline the coil has been replaced (didn't help). I smashed my air dam on a curb and reverted to stock for a while after painting it. And today, this. the damage appears mostly ahead of the front wheels so hopefully the car won't be totaled.
  2. Has anyone solved these issues? I've got a 240 with an l26 with SU's,new fuel lines, electronic distributor,new fuel filter, and it doesnt want to rev past 4k. When it is cold it revs even lower until it begins popping and sputtering and wont go up any further. Would love to be able to get it to at least 6k.
  3. And Flares! the previous owner decided it was a good idea to stack replacement panels on top of the stock body instead of fixing whatever was underneath...thanks pal! Because of this cutting for flares took a very long time and a felt a little better about cutting up a stock bodied car.
  4. Can anyone tell me what the markings on this transmission mean? Here are some before and after shots of cleaning it up while it was out of the car. Lots of engine degreaser, chiseling and time! you can see where someone had written 77 on it, probably from a junkyard.
  5. Been a while since an update. I've quit my job to take a full load at school so progress has come to a snails pace however a little has changed. Most recently my clutch began slipping during the replacement some interesting facts came to light. My car (71) has a 74 l26 and a 77 5 speed with what looks to me like the original driveshaft which because of the different length of the tranny appears to be almost an inch too short. This hasn't ever given me issues but could it lead to them? The rear drums were garbage to start with and boot turned sideways and began digging into the drum (hope my drum brake lingo is accurate) so I ordered the silver mine rear brake conversion which was an easy install and have worked flawlessly since. Would highly recommend.
  6. Nice progress, What does the kit include for the gas tank/ how much is it? My fuel filter is regularly orangish yellow so probably about time for cell or tank restoration. Also I have heard good things about lizard skin, lighter and less expesive to do the car than any sheet style sound deadening.
  7. Sweet dash! Is it mounted using parts off a stock dash or some custom fab stuff needed to make it work?
  8. More restoration stuff. The reason the job took so long is the fact that everthing took a week to get back, thats the sandblast/powdercoating, welding, more parts, ect. But all done now. Before- After-
  9. Things are moving steady on the Z.I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. Things were looking a little ugly around here so it got cleaned up a bit- Here's a couple cool cars one is a real jdm right hand drive imported car from a navy guy, the other a super clean 280z 2+2 at a drag event in san diego. And of course old blue . Some rusty old stuff....
  10. Keep up the good work, all this stuff is looking awesome. I don't use my dash at all either and to have it matched eight the rest of the dash would be a really clean look. With the cost of other carbon dashboards out there I'm sure if the pricepoint is right it will be a real hit.
  11. Progress is looking good! And ac can make all the difference in the world but I also noticed it's still June not July.....
  12. Things are moving steady around here. More soon. And it looks like I'm going to be needing brakes sooner than I thought.....
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